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Claudia Canavati -- An Interview

Updated on August 9, 2014

We love interviews. We delve into people's minds, by dropping almost, well almost unconventional questions. We were touched by this young woman with a heartfelt and sweetest smile. She was contacted through LinkedIn and with no delay agreed on a interview with LDC. Did she know about us, and our innate humor? Well we do not think so; we came out with simple questions to break the ice. First we did a research on her because, sometimes we don't feel like asking silly questions, like... how old are you Claudia? However, she did agree on revealing her age.

So you were born in Santillo, Coahuila...?

Hi Joseph, my name is Claudia Canavati, a 25 years old TV host, from the northern area of México. And you are right, I'm from Saltillo, Coahuila.

Wonderful! What was your dream, as a child? I know many would love to hear from your own lips...

Since I was a kid, I remember wanting and wishing to be a star. I used to stage my own little plays as a singer, actress or even a TV host. I don’t know, huh, maybe because I draw that special attention afterwards; the fact that I could be myself and show my abilities to everybody. My reward was my own big smile. Besides that, I have another passion...can you guess??

Which is... cooking?

Well, that one I know for sure, but I love to dance!!

Now you tell us!

Well, I love to dance since I was a little girl; I can feel the power of music and I can "express" my emotions through it. I can't stand life without music; is my therapy to feel that thorough happiness from within. Above all, I feel comfortable, all the time playing the music I love. I can't live without music. I feel so lucky myself by being able to assist to different musical shows and I loved them all.

So, that could've been a career... or maybe a preamble to what you do now. Doesn't that make sense?

When I had to decide which career to choose from... You know how parents are; it was between medicine or communications, and in that time I was like 'okay,' communications is more appealing, 'cause is closer to what I call home. But then I started loving it, you know? I have no regrets at all. I'm so happy I chose a degree in communications. I learned a lot! Nevertheless in 'this' real world, outside the theory of the trade, practice gave me the experience I have been longing for.

Demo 2014

Future MTV Host?
Future MTV Host? | Source
Modeling too? That can make her into a future actress...
Modeling too? That can make her into a future actress... | Source

Talking about my career, my field: I started at a local TV network as a news anchor, reporter, entertainment hostess and producer, weather hostess, video editor, master control operator, script writer. I experimented with everything and I thank the opportunity given to me..

A short break...! Gee! She can talk!

Who gave you THAT big break for that TV show for Friday nights?

My former job was pivoting in getting this one. I was practically on that hot seat, and played the role of producer assistant. Actually we are moving along with technology, meaning I'm part of an Internet media company. I work for an Internet TV Channel called MDTV. My job here is to be a video editor, reporter, community manager, master, switcher and audio control operator, but what I like the most... and I already said it, I love hosting my OWN TV show, sort of a Latin MTV, with the latest music videos.

I wish I had a show of my own, maybe a reality show, but yours is perfect.

Exactly,is the perfect combination between music and media. Love it! I always wanted to host a music tv show like MTV, because I love to give my all for the company.The owner gives me the chance to have my own program. He liked my projects about this countdown musical show; offering something different and appealing for the total success of the company.

I'm very thankful about this huge opportunity, 'cause this was a dream come true. A project I’ve been having in my mind for the longest , and that makes me so happy. But I would love to be known internationally. Make my show available through other networks and geographies, not just locally.

Also, I would like it to bring more audience and that way I could open myself to more opportunities in the same field.

Are you willing to relocate?

Absolutely. I'm willing to relocate, if it is a big opportunity for me.

Moving along with the questions... Who is your favorite actor and actress? Sorry for the cliché question, but was busy scrambling my own thoughts...

My favorite actress is Nicole Kidman, she is so beautiful and her work is so professional. She can play different roles and interesting characters. But my favorite actor is Johnny Depp; he is very versatile indeed.

Behind the scenes, at the Studio's master control. checking the MDTV programming
Behind the scenes, at the Studio's master control. checking the MDTV programming | Source
I forgot to ask her if she is a model...!
I forgot to ask her if she is a model...! | Source
She loves Nicole Kidman!
She loves Nicole Kidman! | Source
Claudia loves Hip Hop, and Nicki Minaj!
Claudia loves Hip Hop, and Nicki Minaj! | Source

Wow! She was ready to take the questions, seriously!

About your parents... how supportive are they?

My parents are very supportive, they are happy for me to be a professional and successful woman, and they are proud of me, for all the difficulties I had through in my life and I overcame them.

In my field is not that easy to grow up. There is a lot of competition because Saltillo is a very small city and you get a job if you have someone you know inside any company with the power to get you in.

Not so different anywhere with the stalled economy, Claudia. But I hear ya!

Thanks! So, if you are new in the area, you have to demonstrate with your experience what you can do and show that you're the best for that job.

That was my case. I had my ups and downs, but I proved to them once and once again! I'm where I am because I never give up. So, if one day I decide to relocate, or change my residence, they will support me completely, 'cause is my decision to choose what is the best for me with better opportunies to grow up.

About love... what can you tell us?

About love…hum! I can say is the best feeling in the world.

You are looking on the ceiling for answers Claudia! And that smile! Huh?

You are funny! When you find it, it makes you smile for no reason, you feel happiness and want to share it with everybody. But first, you have to love yourself so you can be loved in return.

Were you reading my relationship tips, huh? You didn't answer the way you were suppose to...

Well, ha ha ha. But seriously, the most important thing about love is loving thoroughly who you are, and love what you do. All your life has to be surrounded by love.

Gotcha! Where do you want to be in 5, 10 years?

In five years, honestly, I want to be in a different place and time. Working in a different city with big opportunities. Working in huge productions, in top notch companies like Univision, Telemundo, MTV. Maybe a degree in film production, married with children.

In 10 years I want to be a successful woman, with a nice work, having my husband and kids as support, sharing my passion. It will make sense that at first I will be producing and hosting my TV show, not only in Mexico but the States, Canada and the world.

Afterwards I could be creating movies, soap operas or other shows with commercial success.

Now, changing the subject. A quick one: cook at home or rather go out to eat?

I like to eat at home with my family, and on special occasions I'd rather go out and eat.

What do you look in a guy?

His personality, I want to... and I admire his intelligence. Love enjoying long and interesting conversations. A guy has to be a gentleman, concerned in some details, so romantic and maybe a little cheesy.

I think you are trying to tease us... But I know about relationships. LOL

Well, you asked, and I am a woman. I want someone who is secure with himself and confident enough. Loving and caring. He has to be a good listener. Someone who wants to spend time with me and show me that he is selfless.

See? You are saying the words, any guy wants to hear...!

Almost done then. I want someone that treats me like a princess and always makes me smile.

GULP! Do you hate, planes, snakes, spiders, politics?

I hate worms, even when I'm sound asleep, my worst nightmares are with worms or cats getting over me

Wow. I'm not alone then, recounting my worst nightmares! Yikes!

Yeah, very disgusting. I like planes, just because I love traveling all over the world.

Talking about politics, what do you think about the violence we hear from different areas of Mexico?

I'm a media person. Media here is manipulated in a lot of places, so we don’t get the full picture about everything that is happening. The news are censured due to the danger that the media companies suffer. There are times that the violence that happens is not known in its entirety and you ONLY find out about everything that happened through international newspapers. In general, at least in my city, violence is worsening. People live afraid all day long, you can no longer feel safer outside.

In my case, I have been in a shooting for three or four times, and its not a nice thing at all. At that very moment you are in shock, you don't know what to think, feel or do. Is really a bad experience.

People think is not a big deal, but when you find yourself between a wing and a prayer trying to avoid a crossfire... then you will understand what I'm talking about. The shock can last for a long time

I leave this with no comments, because you said it all. The best advice you ever received?

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not to think and analyze everything; just take a breath and have faith that everything will work out for the best. You can't live a positive life with a negative mind. Be happy no matter what, God is always with you.

Gee! I met my match? Are you into plastic surgery Claudia? Yes, no?

I agree as long as its necessary to improve your own health, or when you think you gain confidence by being more beautiful. But I think plastic surgery should be done in a natural way. We cannot exaggerate and lose our own personality and essence.

Sofia Bendímez, Bárbara Rodarte, Claudia Canavati y Ana Carolina Schraidt!
Sofia Bendímez, Bárbara Rodarte, Claudia Canavati y Ana Carolina Schraidt! | Source

A brief thanks from Claudia!

Well, she is a young woman, but already shining!

Favorite songs that can put you to dance?

Well, that is hard, and not too hard. Every time I listen to music. I love R&B, rap and I love Ciara, Rihanna, Chris Brown, lil' Wayne, Usher, Bow Wow, Nicki Minaj.... you name it! I prefer Hip-hop instead of Jazz or Ballet music.

You did make it to LA in 2008, how was your experience there?

I lived in Hollywood for three months, around the summer of 2008. In a work-and-travel program. I actually worked in Universal Studios, and Abercrombie& Fitch as a part time. This was the best experience of my life.

I was 21, and felt so much freedom. I love traveling and get along with so many different cultures. I'm very friendly and outgoing, so that is really easy for me. Being away from home, on my own, made me mature more than I thought. I really miss Hollywood and wish to come back with a better view of life. I think that will help me in my career.

You are thinking way ahead Claudia! Why...? I mean, why this world is becoming crazier and crazier?

I think the main problem is the lack of education. The lack of values. The cell of society, family, is really missing some core values. So many fatherless kids grow to become violent and rebellious. However, we need better role models.

I want to thank you Claudia, for being so honest. And keep smiling that the world will smile back at you!

Thanks! Please, check my show on Fridays at 6 P.M. Central time on

MDTV dot com dot mx

You said it better Claudia, thanks!

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  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

    That is awesome!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 4 years ago

    I appreciate your kind words Faith. Hope you are doing great! Claudia is doing well; she has received invitations from LA, FL and TX.

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

    Hi Joseph,

    I know I've read this one before and commented before you moved it to HP, but I wanted to comment again, since it is here now.

    Claudia seems to have such an endearing personality, so sweet, yet professional. There is no way that one could not help but to like her, especially in her chosen profession, with that gorgeous smile!

    I am glad you are featuring and interviewing someone from your culture, which is awesome.

    I believe I like your current profile the best of all you have had so far.

    Voted up ++++ and sharing (sharing buttons not showing up, but will return)

    God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper