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Crip walk (how to do it)

Updated on July 6, 2012

Crip Walk

The Crip Walk (C-walk) came into existence for the first time in South Central Los Angeles during the penultimate decade of the 20th century. It may not be wholly appropriate to describe Crip Walk as a dance. It is more in the nature of a walk done by Crip. The basic principle of Crip Walking is to demonstrate one’s hood, area code, or gang by gesticulating with hands or at best spelling out a set of words.

During the early stages, members belonging to JoeShow Riots (a street gang) would use delicate movements of their feet to spell out their names or other Crip words. They may even resort to spelling out the name of their opponent gang and then crossing it out.

Quite often, gangs will use the C-Walk to welcome the initiation of a new entrant. The C-walk was also reportedly used to issue an alert - for instance while plotting a robbery:

The person keeping vigil would stand outside of the place to be robbed and act like a whistle-blower, while the robbers would await the green signal usually in the form of C-walk.

Learn to Crip-Walk - Video 1

C-walk performed as a rule to West Coast gangster rap and G-funk, it first came to limelight when rapper Ice-T performed a stage-show before the camera during the late '80s. Thereafter, rapper WC would follow suit to further enhance its popularity. However, the performer made it amply clear to the public that C-walk was not a dance and the members lived up to the dictum - "gangstas don't dance they boogie". The basic intent of C-walk was confined only to show love to fellow Crip members.

Understanding the Crip Walk steps is not difficult once practiced a few times:

Learn to Crip-Walk - Video 2

Learn to Crip-Walk - Video 3

Learn to Crip-Walk - Video 4

The How to Crip Walk Steps

  • Stand up and keep the feet together
  • Jump and turn a little bit to the right
  • Land on the heel with the right foot forward and left foot towards the back on toes.
  • Again, jump and turn a little bit to the left and land with both feet together the way you started
  • Repeat the same with left foot in front while turning marginally to the left

Learn to Crip-Walk - Video 5

Learn to Crip-Walk - Video 6

Explanatory note:

Stand erect but be relaxed and not stiff. It will certainly be grotesque if you appear stressful. Now stand at ease with the feet three inches apart.

For easy movements, those who are right handed should start with the right foot and those who are left handed should start with left foot. Next, take a baby step hop on to the better foot. The foot should land at a 45 degree angle and the toes should be up while the heel is on the floor. Then marginally bend the knees and stamp the foot down. Repeat the same exercise with the other foot. It may appear complicated, but in reality it is absolutely easy and simple and one can gain proficiency with practice.

Useful hint: A bit of rapid jumping to the left and right, harlem, wave etc can enhance the style. But the above explanatory note should suffice to master C-walk.


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      joseph 5 years ago

      Hey crips what the diffrents be twin blood and crips

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      dwaynehood 6 years ago from 9535 Stoney Ridge Lane, JENKINTOWN, PA-19046,USA

      It's quite funny..Marvelous.........and great hub.

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      knuttt 6 years ago

      don't c-walk if you ain't ready to get outlined in chalk or ready to let the pistol bark

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      im a black nigger. 6 years ago

      yo ya'll ppl li' to tlk li diss ehh?

      yee it is freal to tlk like a nigguh huh?

      ye fun fun shit, yo dawg i wnt a fckn fried chicken ye lez do dat aight? peace out.

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