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Gonnateachyahow: Setting Up Disney Movies Anywhere and Linking to its Partners

Updated on November 6, 2014

Disney Movies Anywhere Setup

Disney's Digital Library or Bank.
Disney's Digital Library or Bank. | Source

Sign up now and Get Wreck it Ralph Free

Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) recently expanded to include service for Android and Google Play (PLAY). If you link to Itunes or PLAY during the promotion you will receive a copy of Wreck it Ralph for free. Linking your accounts allow any Disney purchases on any of the linked accounts to be viewable on any of the other accounts. This allows you to purchase Toy Story on your Iphone and watch it on your Roku box at home. We will walk though the steps of creating a DMA account, then linking it to PLAY and Itunes.

If you need to create a Google account (which creates a Google Play account) click here.

If you need to create an Itunes account click here.

Disney's Current Promotion (Subject to Change)

Wreck it Ralph Trailer

Signing Up!

Creating a Disney account is pretty easy first you will enter your birthday (proving you are old enough to watch cartoons), and click continue. Next you will fill out information about yourself and save the information. This will complete your setting up of DMA. DMA will not ask you for your credit card number because it doesn't sell the movies directly. Instead it will send you to one of the partnered stores for purchases you select on the website. Click Back to Site to begin the linking process.

Connecting Accounts

Linking accounts is actually really easy. You will be given a list of available accounts to sync to, as of press time, Itunes and PLAY were the two lavaliere. We will start with PLAY click the box for Google Play. This will open a new window asking if you want to continue and open Google Play. Press continue.

And The Winner Is....

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo

When Google Play and DMA link up it has to ask your permissions, this allows the two accounts to talk to each other and is pretty standard procedure. Click Accept.

Your Account Is Linked

You are now linked to Google Play. At this point any Disney movies in PLAY or DMA will transfer to the other account (a copy will stay in the original account too). If you did this during the promotion then you will receive a free copy of Wreck it Ralph.

Linking to Itunes

Now that we have linked up to PLAY it is only natural to Link up next to Itunes. Remember this will allow Disney movies bought on Itunes to be available on DMA and PLAY, and will also allow movies on those account to be accessible on Itunes. On the DMA website, click the gear in the right corner this will open up the settings page, at the top is "Connect Accounts" this is where we will set it up at.

Click on the Circle in front of "Itunes" and you will receive an "Open Itunes" screen. Click Continue. A new window will open in your browser that will attempt to open Itunes, it will give you the option to "Launch Application" or "Do Nothing", launch the application.

Itunes will load and you will be asked to allow Disney Movies Anywhere to link to Itunes. Click "Connect Accounts". Itunes will then ask for your log in information. Enter that next.

You Are Linked to Itunes

At this point you have successfully linked to Itunes, Disney Movies Anywhere and Google Play. Each of the Disney, Pixar and Marvel Studios Movies you own will begin to be copied to each of the accounts. Below you can see Wreck it Ralph in the Itunes library.

All Done

Going back to Disney Movies Anywhere and clicking the gear again you will see that it has updated the "Connect Accounts" to include Itunes. You may disconnect and reconnect as often as you would like (this helps if not all of your movies are transferring across, it resets and resends the movies). But you cannot connect and account to another one for 180 days. If you decide to link Disney Movies Anywhere to an Itunes or Play account and then switch accounts it will not be able to switch to the new account for 180 days after that time you can connect to the new account. All movies stay in each account permanently even when they are disconnected and the account switched after the waiting period.


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