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Gonnateachyahow: Playing Google Play on YouTube

Updated on November 6, 2014

Playing Your Favorite Movies on YouTube

The Basics

Before you can link your Digital Media to YouTube, there are a couple things you must do (Click the links below if you haven't done it yet for easy instruction to completing these steps).

Create a Google log in.

Link Disney Movies Anywhere to Google Play

After these steps are done, log into Youtube. If you are already logged into Google you should log into Youtube automatically (Youtube is owned by Google).

Your YouTube Account

Using Youtube

Not only does YouTube save your favorite videos and allow you to upload videos of your own, it is a great player for Movies and TV shows that you purchase on Google Play or linked sites.

Under the YouTube Logo you will see a menu with the bottom being "Purchased" this is where your movies are located.

Your Collection


Understanding the Networking

Center Link
Disney Movies Anywhere
Google Play
Other Ultraviolet Services such as M-Go link into the Ultraviolet network. Any movies that are exclusive to the site will not transfer though the center link. i.e. Vudu Exclusives or Itunes Exclusives.

Disney Linking

In the chart above it shows Disney Movies Anywhere being the center link between Google Play and Itunes, what this means is that any eligible Disney movies (currently Disney Movies Anywhere supports about 450 movies) will transfer across the center link to any other partnered Providers. If you buy Brave on Google Play it will add to Disney Movies Anywhere and then transfer to Itunes. The same if you purchase Toy Story from Itunes it will transfer over to Google Play and be watchable on YouTube. Currently Google Play is not a provider of Ultraviolet movies, so purchases on Vudu will not transfer over to Google Play. Vudu and Disney Movies Anywhere are not partnered. So Toy Story bought on Vudu would not be view-able on YouTube. (This is subject to change if linking between the sites occurs).

Playing on Playstation 3 and Other Devices

The next step is to make your YouTube movies available on the PS3 and other devices. Make sure you have the most recent version of YouTube on your device. Log into the same account that you use for Google. Check the menu for Purchases. This feature is not available on all devices, the Wii and some Blu-Ray Players have been tested to show they are not compatible but some players gain compatibility with updating the program so be sure you are running the most recent version of YouTube.

Look under the Purchased Tab for Your Google Play Videos

YouTube on Andriod

You can use YouTube to play your Google Play videos either though the Google Play app or through the YouTube App. Drop down the menu and you will find "Purchases" which will contain your Google Play movies.

Newer purchases will be first, but there is a search function to find the movie you are looking for.

This is just a glimpse of the possibilities to view your Google Play media without the Google Play app. Again make sure to update your system and the YouTube app so both are current. Then enjoy your collection.


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