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The movie Sunshine by director Danny Boyle

Updated on August 13, 2014
Sunshine movie poster
Sunshine movie poster
Must not stare at the sun...
Must not stare at the sun...

Danny Boyle is, in my opinion, an extraordinary director. He is one of the best british directors, if not the best. Every once in a while there are new movies that capture us and his movies make that wonderfully. I saw several of his movies and I like the ones he directed (especially 127 hours, 28 days later, The Beach and Sunshine). Many people were disappointed by the ending of Sunshine but I liked it and I will tell you why in a while. But first, let's take a look at the cast in the movie. The movie Sunshine story evolves around a small group of people trying to save humanity by start-jumping the sun because it's dying. Led by Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), Chris Evans and Rose Byrne, a group of astronauts are sent to the sun. Their predecessors who took the same journey went missing seven years ago.

Some bad decisions scattered along the road will bring the team harmful consequences. The viewer is left alone to wonder if hope will be at the ''rendez-vous'' to overcome the minimal odds of success. Danny Boyle majestfully integrates themes in the movie such as the power of science versus the will of god to let humanity pursue it's natural course. The viewer is brought forward and asked if we should let nature follow its natural course and end humanity. Messages of despair, teamwork and hope are represented in the movie. But what captured the most my attention is the beauty of some scenes in the movie. We assume the sun will always be there for us but we too often forget how important and vital the sun is for us. The beauty of the sun is captured in this movie in such a wonderful way. So many scenes are of an incredible beauty. There is one scene in particular that will certainly keep you speechless (and I hope it's the same one i am thinking of). It's a roller coaster of a ride that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Where some people lost interest is in the last act as it takes a more horrific and suspenseful turn. I won't spoil anything for those who have not seen it but please do keep in mind that things can go wrong when you undertake something in life and I think the director wonderfully portrayed it here. The movie soundtrack is also very good.

P.S. This is my first movie review so it might not be what you expect from a movie review. I tried to describe the movie I saw from my perspective in the best way I could. If you have any tips to help me improve my reviews, you are more than welcome to share them with me!

My final rating is 4/5 stars!

4 stars
4 stars

Sunshine movie trailer


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    • JamieHGarrett profile image

      JamieHGarrett 4 years ago from North Carolina

      I absolutely love this film and have seen it way too many times. Danny Boyle is genius. I love the fact that he has so many movies in so many genres.

    • The Reminder profile image

      The Reminder 5 years ago from Canada

      @Felix Donovan: It's a shame indeed that this movie is underrated. Thanks for reading my hub!

    • profile image

      Felix Donovan 5 years ago

      Thank you! I thought this movie was under-rated and possibly one of the best I have ever seen, loved the music for it, the choreography and so much more. Shame people thought it was bad.