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The Best of Donnie Yen Movies Ever

Updated on March 31, 2011

Donnie Yen in "Ip Man" (a movie about the legendary Wing Chun master)

Why We Love Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen is the latest in a long string of martial arts stars that is gaining in popularity around the world.

One of his highly acclaimed movie starring roles was in "Ip Man" where he portrayed a unique Wing Chun kung fu master who dislikes violence and treats his wife as his equal which is rare in his time.

You can watch for his lightning fast moves in all time Chinese movie favorites like SPL & Flashpoint. 

Ip Man

Donnie Yen's international star power went sky high with this movie where he is a kungfu master.

Donnie impresses with his sensitive portrayal of his stoic resistance of the invading Japanese army. There are also touching scenes that shows the strong bonds with his wife and child.

Of course there are also some of the most realistic kung fu moves that blends effectively with the story of how one man manage to resist the might of the Japanese army.

Do watch for the fight scene where Donnie Yen fights 10 karate opponents at the same time. His Wing Chun moves is so fast that you really need the slow motion button on your player's remote to fully appreciate it.   


This film has some of the most raw and intense fight scenes ever conceived and executed to perfection.

The best thing about this movie is the realistic fight choreography that combines a street brawl style with realistic martial arts movies. The baddies are fantastic fighters too in this movie which makes all the more enjoyable as we see Donnie Yen dish out bone splintering justice.

SPL (Sha Po Lang)

In my opinion, SPL has a better storyline than Flashpoint.

Sammuel Huang who is famous for his fantastic agility in spite of his size is more than a match for Donnie.

There are many memorable fight scenes in this Chinese film. From the intense alley duel between Wu Jing (an acclaimed Chinese martial arts champoin) and Donnie, to the climatic battle between the triad boss Samuel Huang and the Donnie Yen, the cop who will goto any lengths to get Huang behind bars.

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