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List of the Best Chinese Films You Will Love

Updated on September 5, 2011

Best Ever Chinese Movies

This page is on the best of Chinese movies from the different film genres.

The movies range from the martial arts films, art house classics to iconic comedies and more. The goal is to have a shortlist of the best representative works with different themes and from different genres.

So sit back and enjoy the movie reviews, trailers and fantastic movie stills.

Trailer of "Wuxia"

The Most Anticipated Chinese Movies

Here's where you'll find the latest cream of the crop of Chinese movies. I've included some of my most anticipated movies that I'm either eagerly awaiting for the DVD or Blu-Ray releases or the Big Screen Cinema experience.

I'm currently waiting "impatiently" for the movie Wuxia to arrive at a big screen near me. This film stars two of my favorite actors. There's Donnie Yen with his "Stallone" type intensity & 200% Bruce Lee fashion lightning fast kungfu moves. Then there's also the suave Kaneshiro who was also in my Chinese movie favorties like "Red Cliff" and "Fallen Angel", and more.

Movie Trailer of "Overheard"

Best of the Latest Chinese Movies


This is the original Chinese thriller that have since spawn a sequel "Overheard 2". Eager for part two to be released so that I can watch the two movies back to back together.


Movie Trailers of "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Bodyguards and Assassins

This martial art movie has a huge talented cast of among them being Donnie Yen who also starred in the highly acclaimed Yip Man. He plays a disgraced Hong Kong cop, who now sees has a second chance at redemption. Watch for the bloody duel between him and a real life Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star.

The fight scenes are fantastic in this movie. With a lot of variety of martial arts styles from the kick boxing no holds barred type brawls, to stylistic kungfu moves. The memorable characters created by the all star ensemble cast also makes you care deeply about what happens to them.

Its a fictitious account of how the Japanese intelligence tried to assassinate Sun Yat Sen and the people who sacrificed their lives to protect him while he was in Hong Kong. Sun Yat Sen is a real historical figure that was instrumental in shaping the history of China and Taiwan.

In the Mood for Love (2000)

This is one of the most stylistic and beautiful movie from director Wong Kar Wai. He has brought together screen favorites in the form of the suave and talented Tony Leong and the classic beauty Maggie Cheung for this iconic film film.

Fans of them should not miss this opportunity to enjoy the surreal memorable scenes that stay with you long after you finish watching it. The charged emotions contrast nicely with the stillness that is so masterfully handled by director Wong Kar Wai.

Official Movie Trailer of the War Epic "Red Cliff" set in Ancient China

Red Cliff

The movie Red Cliff is one of the greatest recent Chinese historical war epics that have wowed movie goers all over the world.

The actors and actress has great depth with subtle interactions that fits together perfectly into this history canvas.

Movie Trailer of Jackie Chan's "Shinjuku Incident"

Shinjuku Incident

A gritty and realistic movie about Chinese immigrants and triads in Japan's Shinjuku area.

Action superstar Jackie Chan is just an ordinary Chinese immigrant in Japan that is forced into a series of confrontations with the triads. Its a change of pace for Jackie who have usually played the macho hero type and often plays bullet dodging cops.

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    • profile image

      zeus 4 years ago

      Shinjuku was okay. but what happens to the two woman? I really want to know!

    • Didge profile image

      Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

      Really useful hub. Congrats!