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Due Date Film Review 2010

Updated on January 18, 2017
Due Date
Due Date
It's getting pretty cheap. Buy it now!

Due Date, starring the two well-known actors Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, focuses on two strangers. They meet in unfortunate circumstances at an airport and are from then on out continually thrown together in worst case scenarios.

Other appearances from popular actors include Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan.

Robert Downey Jr. plays Peter Highman, an architect with anger issues, who is on his way to his pregnant wife in Los Angeles. She is almost 9 months pregnant and scheduled to have a cesarean in a couple days.

Peter runs into Ethan Tremblay on the curb in front of the airport. Disgusted with the public display of drunkenness and stupidity, Peter moves says his peace before moving on. Peter is later stopped for a bag check only to realize that his bag and another man's bag have been switched. On the plane, Peter meets the man Ethan yet again. This unfortunate encounter results in both men being put on the No Fly List.

Zach Galifianakis plays the part of Ethan Tremblay. With his father recently deceased, he is on his way to Hollywood to make millions at his dream job, which is to land a role on the show Two and a Half Men. A man who, simply put, does not have it together, Ethan puts himself and Peter in difficult situations, beginning with having no way to Los Angeles, as they are now not allowed to fly.

What's more, Peter has left his identification on the plane, so he cannot even rent a vehicle. The solution? Ethan offers to drive him! Generally, the men end up with bruises, money loss, tempers that just keep coming, and they go through vehicles like unpracticed teenagers.

It is soon obvious that these two cannot get from Texas to Los Angeles on their own, so Peter calls on his friend Darryl, who luckily lives close by. Darryl, played by Jamie Foxx, shows up and offers to let Peter and Ethan borrow his truck.

Ethan, ever the life wrecker, starts Peter on a worry train of maybe Peter's wife is actually unfaithful. In fact, maybe Sarah's child will not be Peter's at all, but Darryl's!

Meanwhile, Sarah Highman, played by Michelle Monaghan is at home worried because her husband is on the No Fly List, upset because she's not been able to talk to him as often as she would like, and agitated that Peter is seemingly taking detour after detour instant of coming straight home.

And when she learns of Peter's suspicions of her and Darryl being lovers, she is quick to assure her husband that she would never cheat on him. The stress of all these problems puts Sarah into labor earlier than planned. Now Peter has even less time to make it home.

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This movie is full of fillers and cheap tricks that will get you laughing. While the movie has its moments, and it most certainly has the backing of many accomplished actors, the plot and direction are lacking. While it may not make the top ten of my favorite slapstick comedy films, it's good for a mindless laugh.

© 2011 Jennifer Kessner


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