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Eastenders billy mitchell finds his and julies adopted son

Updated on November 22, 2012

We have seen Billy Mitchell become severely depressed in recent weeks after a letter arrived asking him to give evidence against abusive care worker Henry Davis who worked at the children's home Billy lived in as a kid. This understandably brings back a lot of bad memories for Billy and he finds himself remembering bits of his past that he would rather forget but unfortunately this is just the start and there is more heartache to come for poor Billy when childhood pal Julie Perkins arrives on the square with a secret that turns Billy's world upside down.

Julie and Billy were both living in the children's home together but have not seen each other since, that is until Jay sets up a fake profile in Billy's name on a social networking site and tracks down Billy's old friend Julie. Billy is completely shocked when Julie knocks on the door "Hello Skid mark" she says. There are some really heart warming scenes where they both talk about their shared past and Billy tries to dress everything up so that his life sounds more successful than it is but Julie See's right through all his front. As the old friends reminisce Billy starts to have second thoughts on getting care worker Henry sent down for his actions against the children in the home and as they talk Billy tells Julie that they shouldn't let Henry get away with what he did but Julie tries to convince him not to dredge up the past.

We later find out there is another reason why Julie doesn't want the past being dredged up when she confesses to Billy that he is the father of their grown up Son, and as if that wasn't a big enough shock Billy then discovers his son is adopted. In true Mitchell style Billy refuses to talk about it and instead takes himself of to R&R to drown his sorrows but while on a bender he tries to snog a grieving Carol only for her to knock him back, so Billy tries his luck with an already vulnerable Jean Slater. Meanwhile Kat, Stacey and Kim Fox are all having a girls night out in R&R and so are Janine and Ryan but when things get heated between Stacey and Janine so Ryan walks out prompting Janine to go and get drunk with friend Billy instead but when an infuriated Stacey walks over to Billy to defend her Mums honour, Janine intervenes to back up friend Billy and a row ensues once more. To make things even work Bianca storms into the nightclub and go's for Billy after trying to snog her grieving Mum just as Alfie Moon turns up to pick up his pregnant wife Kat (Are you getting all this) anyway the whole thing gets out of hand when Billy ends up punching a policeman and as chaos breaks out among the residents they all get nicked.

Alfie and Billy are thrown into one cell where they have a heart to heart resulting in Billy's decision to contact Julie and find out more about his son, while Stacey, Kat, Janine, Pat and Kim are all thrown into the next cell but things for the woman don't end there though. Stacey is told that Ryan is looking after baby Lilly which scares Stacey and angers Janine who feels jealous of her new husband bonding with his daughter and once again the to woman start arguing but Stacey shocks everyone when during the argument she blurts out that Archie raped her. All the woman are stunned by Stacey's revelation especially Janine who was in love with Archie and she refuses to believe what Stacey is telling her although it i obvious to everyone else that Stacey is actually telling the truth. When things calm down Stacey realises that people might put two and two together and guess that it was her that killed Archie and not her deceased husband Bradley and so she begs the woman not to tell anyone but i am sure it wont be long before her secret is revealed to the rest of the square.

Meanwhile back on the square Ryan is looking after his daughter Lilly for the first time and although he struggles to cope at first he ends up doing quite a good job and it makes him realise that he wants to be a proper Dad to Lilly after all, and in the morning when the woman are released Janine and Stacey rush back home and find Ryan and baby Lilly asleep together on the sofa, Stacey is just pleased that Lilly is safe while Janine is appalled that her husband is clearly bonding with his daughter and the situation doesn't get any better when Ryan announces that he wants to be a part of Lilly's life. hmmm i can't imagine this going down to well with Janine!!!

After Billy Mitchell's heart to heart with friend Alfie Moon he decides to make things up with old pal Julie and contacts an adoption agency to start trying to track down their Son. It has been confirmed that the couples son will soon be making an appearance on the square but will it be an emotional reunion or will there son hold resentment towards the pair??

Check out the video spoilers below.


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