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Eastenders Kat Slater And Alfie Moon Are Back On The Square

Updated on October 13, 2014

Kat and Alfie

Are you happy to see Kat and Alfie back in the square?

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This Friday will see Kat Moon (formaly Kat Slater) make a dramatic return to the square, disguised in a blonde wig and trench coat. Why you may ask?

Kat is on the run from some dodgy men she owes money to, and desperately needs a new identity. So she calls on Nan Mo to meet her in a local café, with her daughter Zoe's birth certificate, so she can get her hands on some fake ID.

When Mo asks Kat why her husband Alfie is not helping her out with this mess, Kat reveals that Alfie is dead?

Alfie did a dodgy deal with some men in Spain which went horribly wrong, and it was left to Kat to pick up the pieces.

With Kat telling everyone that her husband Alfie is dead, they are all in for a big shock when he later turns up alive and larger than life. However before Alfie's return, Mo persuades Kat to return home to Walford, where they can all look after her.

The Slater family are all delighted to see her, but in true Eastenders style, the happiness is short lived, when Jean announces that two men called Lee and Jono are at the door looking for Kat.

We later find out that Alfie, has actually been in prison for the last six months, and Kat is angry with her husband for leaving her to clear up his mess. This is why she tells everyone that he is dead.

Baby Lilly In Danger

With Lee and Jono threatening to hurt baby Lilly, the family start to panic. As Kat is about to hand over the cash, Alfie bursts in with friend Billy Mitchell, pretending to be undercover cops.

After the dodgy men run off, Kat and Alfie start rowing about who's fault it is that they were in this mess. Things are set to get a whole lot more heated, when Alfie comments that she has got fat, to which Kat opens up her trench coat revealing a bump.

Kat shouts "I ain't fat, I'm pregnant, and it's not yours."

Poor Alfie is fuming that his wife is having another mans child, and as the pair have a heart to heart, Alfie tells Kat he wants them to be a family, what will Kat say?

Will they be able to give their marriage another chance?

Elsewhere on the square, things take a terrifying turn for the worst, when newlyweds Janine and Ryan Malloy decide to kidnapp Ryan's daughter Lilly. Ryan and Janine have taken Lilly, who we see sat at the back of their car.

A row breaks out between the already tense pair, while their driving out into the countryside. Next thing they know, their car gets trapped on a level crossing as a train hurtles towards them.

The terrified trio are left staring death in the face. Ryan manages to get out but has to decide if he saves his new wife, the woman he loves, or his baby girl Lilly.

Which one will he choose? or will he manage to get them both out in time?

Meanwhile back in the square, Sam Mitchell is up to her usual trouble making. Ricky finds out that Sam lied about him being the father of baby Richard, and he tells her he wants nothing more to do with her.

The real father of the baby Jack Branning, has made it clear that his heart lies with Ronnie, so desperate for a bloke to look after her baby, Sam sets her sights on gullible Minty.

On the day of Georges christening, Heather and Minty are happy with how their relationship together is going, that is until Sam tells Minty she wants him to ditch Hev and play Dad to her newborn son Richard.

As Sam gets ready to jet of to Ibiza, to start a new life with Minty. he is at Georges christening feeling like a fraud.

While standing in the church ready to become Georges godfather, the guilt gets to much for him. We see Minty rush from the church, and when Heather follows him out, she see's her beloved Minty in a passionate embrace with no other than Sam Mitchell.

Kat and Alfie's Big Return


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    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 7 years ago from South England

      Thanks Rob, It was weird seeing Kat on Friday nights episode, can't wait for this week either :)

    • profile image

      Rob_Harris 7 years ago

      Love this hub can't wait for EE this week :-)