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For Otakus out there...

Updated on October 28, 2014

Here's a list of my top 10 - 6 favorite Anime/Manga

These list contains the top 10 - 6 Anime/Manga that i have watched and/or read since the day that I've become addicted to Anime and Manga. I will also state why I became hooked to it.

So here's the list! :)

Naruto Shippuden

Top 10: The Most Beloved Ninja

Who wouldn't like a story of a struggling young student ninja, who is constantly searching for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage? He was actually a jinchuriki for the 9-tailed beast, possessing an immense chakra(energy). He then became a capable ninja and eventually coined as a hero throughout the Shinobi world. He befriended many ninjas, like Sasuke, Sakura, Rock Lee, Neji, Hinata, and many more. Who is he? HE'S NARUTO!

Yeah, unfortunately, I ranked this series as top ten since it lost its charm. It has a great development since it started but lost its charm when the story was filled with flashbacks and the real enemies are actually the old people of the Shinobi world.

I was hooked with this series, both anime and manga,because of the cool ninja powers - Kage Bunshin Technique, Rasengan, Shadow Manipulation Technique, Raikiri, Chidori, Sharingan, Mangekyou and many more. I also like the way they depict Naruto, a stubborn child, an underdog, sometimes a nuisance but very dedicated. He then grew-up becoming more powerful, more dedicated and now became a saviour of the Shinobi world.

I just wished that this series' story did not always have unnecessary flashbacks and I wished the development of the story has less chit chatters and more fight scenes. I also wished they did not grew up because I really loved their antics. I know that they are quite the same when they are younger but I think for comedic purposes I prefer them when they where younger.

The last chapter I read in the manga I think is Chapter 658. I hate it that Madara is too damn powerful! I wanted to kill him but everything that comes on his way he always has a chance to counter it. I really really hate him! SO MUCH! :)) But I was so amazed on how great Naruto had become - sharing his chakra to the whole ninja in the war, creating a duplicate of himself with the Kyuubi chakra on. Everything about Naruto is so different that I am missing the old Naruto.

Digimon Adventures

Top 9: There are monsters inside your computer

Cool right? Monsters within your computer. A somewhat Tamagotchi - ish series, where you will be called a Tamer. You will also be sucked by your computers! Yes! you will be sucked into your computer and will enter an alternate universe where monsters are living. Isn't amazing?

The monsters are called Digimon, short for Digital Monsters. This is the rival of the game Pokemon. They are almost alike. But there are certain things that the Digimon has that gives it edge to Pokemon. These things are:

  • Digimon world and the real world are two opposite universe.
  • Digimon has the ability to go back to its egg state or lower state
  • Digivolution has many types - Mega Evolution, Fusion, Armor Digivolve, Hybrid, etc.
  • Digimon can talk! (Top that!)

But due to losing its edge, I only watched the first two seasons of Digimon. I remember how a cactus evolve into a fairy, a cat into a woman angel, a four legged and winged creature turned into an angel, a green worm turned into a humanoid fly and lastly I will never forget a talking POOP.

Overall this series is great and I really missed this show.

Bleach or Bleach?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This Bleach?This Bleach!
This Bleach?
This Bleach?
This Bleach!
This Bleach!

Top 8: A chemical that whitens and removes color

What? Is there an Anime or Manga that removes color and whitens?

Oh! Wait! There is!

BLEACH!! Yeah Bleach it is! :))

A story of a half-shinigami, half-quincy, half-human, half - hollow protagonist named Ichigo. A high school student obtained the power of a shinigami and after that, adventure begins!

The thing I like with Bleach is the cool fight scenes, different swords, different powers and many more. I remember when I saw Renji Abarai's sword.,the Zabimaru. For me it is the coolest sword here in Bleach.

I also like the talking stuffed lion! YEAH! So kawaii! I love how this thing brings comedic gestures in the series.

I also like the concept of hollows. Giving a new powers to the protagonist and making it difficult to defeat the enemies. Great concepts and great fight scenes!

It's sad that the anime stopped after the Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc. The rumored last arc the Thousand Year Blood War Arc was not yet aired, and I wished that they will air it because there are more epicness in this arc than the arcs before. So I am so expecting to have the anime air again.

Gotta Catch'em All!

Ash with his Pokemon

Ash with his new friends in Pokemon XY Series

Top 7: I wanna be the very best!

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was

to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause

I will travel across the land searching far and wide

teach Pokemon to understand the power that's inside

Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all), it's you and me

I know it's my destiny(Pokémon!)

Ooh, you're my best friend In a world we must defend

Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all), a heart so true

Our courage will pull us through

You teach me, and I'll teach you


(Gotta catch 'em all!)

Gotta catch 'em all!

Do you remember that song? I know you sang it while scrolling down! Haha! Everyone knows this most popular Pokemon theme song. Once you heard it you will surely wing along with it.

Pocket Monsters or Pokemon for short is much like Digimon but way way cuter and I think stronger. Pokemon's concept in the games are better than Digimon but when in Anime, I think Digimon beats Pokemon.

I will never forget the cute Togepi whick Misty is always holding, the Jigglypuff with a marker as the mic that follows Ash's gang and draws doodle in the face when you fell asleep in it's song.

I also like the way Ash completes his gang - one man and one woman and sometimes with a younger sibling of either of the two.

Team Rocket's antics never gets old. Saying "We're blasting off again" after being defeated and flying to the skies. The talking Meowth is also one of the things I like in Pokemon The Anime.

I also liked the Pokemon Contest. Gay? But I dont know why I liked it. It is very cool!

I also like the different Pokemon Types and the Different Pokemon Moves. It is so awesome. And the new addition to the typing, the Fairy Type make it more exciting.

But I didn't like when Ash lost to a battle even though he visited many regions, battled many and different Pokemon Trainer and still he lost to a Trainer in his recent adventure.

I also don't like how Ash never fully evolved all his Pokemon. I know all Pokemon started as cutie patootie but if your goal is to become the Pokemon Master, you should have the strongest Pokemon up in your sleeves. And most fully evolved Pokemon are the strongest.

When the episode is finished I remember the Pokemon Rap in the credits, it is also one of the things I loved in Pokemon.

Team Urameshi

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ray Gun!!!
Ray Gun!!!
Ray Gun!!!

Top 6: Ray Gun!!!

An aura that is concentrated in his right index finger and releasing it as if his hands was a gun. Do you remember it now? It's Yu Yu Hakusho and if you are a Filipino it's called the Ghost Fighter.

This Anime revolves around the gang of Yusuke Urameshi (Eugene), Kazuma Kuwabara (Alfred), Kurama (Dennis) and Hiei (Vincent) and their adventures both in real world and the spirit world.

The most popular episode is when the Dark Tournament started. Different powers and different strengths. The battle fight scenes were so awesome. The protagonists' power - Ray Gun, Spirit Sword, Rose Whip, evolving as a Fox, and Black Dragon Spirit - it was so cool!

Here are the list of the team they had battled in the Dark Tournament:

  • Team Rokuyukai - the team with the young guy that uses yoyo and the team leader being a drunken master thingy.
  • Team Ichigaki - 3 demons that is controlled by Dr. Ichigaki
  • Team Shadow Channelers - team with the powers of Ice, Wind, Earth and others. I think they are ninja of some sort.
  • Team Uraotogi - hands that mutates into an axe, a boy with a fishing pole, a guy with a teleportation blanket and a demonic sword, a demon with different beast armor and a leader which is a master of diguise. That sums up this team. :))
  • Team Toguro - The strongest team and the last team that the protagonist battled. A team of four, Older and younger Toguto, Bui and Karasu.

Sorry if I am focused on the Dark Tournament only, but for me it was the best Arc in this series. There are other cool enemies after the Dark Tournament like Sensui, Sniper, the Semon Kings and others.

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Now you saw my top 10 to 6. The second half of these is in these link: PART 2.

Thank you! :)

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