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Top 10 Fairy Tail Characters

Updated on December 30, 2017
Ralph Castro profile image

I love Anime ever since. I started with Dragonball, Voltes V, Flame of Recca, Yuyu Hakusho, and other animes from 90s to early 2000s

I've been reading (manga) and watching Fairy Tail since 2012, and I can say that I am so hooked to it. I always wait for the new chapters for manga and the new episode for the anime, every week! I want to be updated! I know everyone and their magic. I also wish of having my own powers and becoming one of the top mage in Magnolia.

In being a fan of Fairy Tail, I do have my favorites. I also rank them based by strengths, magics, and sometimes just by their awesomeness.

I made this list of my favorite characters based solely on my taste. Haha! So here they are.

EDIT: 10/26/16: With the new characters introduced, I think this list is obsolete and I think I need to create a new one. So wait for the new Top 10 Fairy Tail Characters.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
ExceedsHappy and NatsuCarla and WendyLily and GajeelFrosch and RogueLector and Sting
Happy and Natsu
Happy and Natsu
Carla and Wendy
Carla and Wendy
Lily and Gajeel
Lily and Gajeel
Frosch and Rogue
Frosch and Rogue
Lector and Sting
Lector and Sting

Top 10: Flying Cats

Cats + Wings = Cuteness overload!

They don't have that much strength , except for Panther Lily, but their Aera Magic does a lot of help with others.

The known exceeds are as follows:

  • Happy
  • Carla
  • Pantherlily
  • Frosch
  • Lector
  • Nichiya

Most of the Exceeds accompanied Dragon Slayers: Happy - Natsu; Carla - Wendy; Pantherlily - Gajeel; Frosch - Rogue; Lector - Sting.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Rustyrose and RufusNeinhart
Rustyrose and Rufus
Rustyrose and Rufus

Top 9: The Power of Imagination ,The Power of Memorization and The Historia of the Dead

Two almost the same powers. Tied at the ninth spot!

Rustyrose, one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, harnessing the Lost magic - Arc of Embodiment. Through his imagination, he can create almost everything.

Rufus Lore, one of the mages of Sabretooth, harnessing an Anciet Spell and a rare type of Moding Magic - Memory-Make. With this, every magic he remembers, can be his own magic and can even be stronger by combining it with other magic.

I think they have an almost similar magic. Rufus' memory-make uses imagination as a foundation for making it as another magic. For instance, during the battle with Gray, he combines Orga's Lightning with Gray's Ice thus harnessing the power of imagination in combining the two magic he mermorized. For Rustyrose, he can create magic through imagination whereby he can also copy other magic and through imagination he can make use of it.

So basically the two are similar because they can copy other magic and make it their own in a different manner.

EDIT: 10/26/16: With the new characters introduced in the manga, I thing I still want this two in my Top 10, because this power is so great for me. But I think I can also put here the new character Neinhart. Neinhart and these two have almost similar creation magic that I think is so powerful if used correctly.

Top 8: "I'll be taking that soul of yours!"

He is one of the Nine Demon Gates and he'll be taking your souls!!!

Just kidding!

This demon loves to absorb everyone's soul. It is because that is his curse - Absorption Curse.He has the ability to absorb souls of a living thing. He can also drain them with their magic power. Then he uses those "souls" to access the abilities of everything he consumes.

This demon is somewhat awesome. Plus his appearance is quite deceiving. You wouldn't know that his power is absorbing people's soul. At first I though this power is more on defensive power, because of the shape of his body. Other than that, I quite like this demon more than the other demons.

EDIT: 10/26/16: I thought this character is great but eventually it fell short by being defeated by Natsu using a lifeless object. Still one of my favorites, though I think with the introduction of new characters, this one will be out of the list. Sorry Franmalth.

Top 7: "Can you fly?"

The Deputy Commander of Grimoire Heart, Bluenote Stinger.

I love this guy. I really really love this guy. He got a very cool character design. He got a powerful magic - Gravity Magic. I think that he is related to Risley Law. But, come on! A strong character like him sent flying and never been seen again? What happened to him!? Is he even alive? What happened to him after 7 years? I wish that he will come back and get revenge on Gildarts! Haha!

I remember how the rain comes rushing to him because of his awesome power. How he pinned down the fairies. Everything about him is so cool! I can't wait for him to appear again. I got my hopes up on that.

EDIT: 10/25/15: In the Avatar Arc, Bluenote was easily defeated by Natsu. It makes it clear that the later became stronger and be tied to Gildarts who defeated Bluenote in the Tenrou Island Arc.

If you can be Mage, what magic do you like to have?

See results

Zodiac Spirits

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Aquarius, The Water BearerTaurus, The Golden BullCancer, The Great CrabVirgo, The MaidenSagittarius, The ArcherLeo, The LionAries, The RamScorpio, The ScorpionGemini, The TwinsPisces, The Paired FishLibra, The Heavenly ScalesCapricorn, The Goat
Aquarius, The Water Bearer
Aquarius, The Water Bearer
Taurus, The Golden Bull
Taurus, The Golden Bull
Cancer, The Great Crab
Cancer, The Great Crab
Virgo, The Maiden
Virgo, The Maiden
Sagittarius, The Archer
Sagittarius, The Archer
Leo, The Lion
Leo, The Lion
Aries, The Ram
Aries, The Ram
Scorpio, The Scorpion
Scorpio, The Scorpion
Gemini, The Twins
Gemini, The Twins
Pisces, The Paired Fish
Pisces, The Paired Fish
Libra, The Heavenly Scales
Libra, The Heavenly Scales
Capricorn, The Goat
Capricorn, The Goat

Top 6: Celestial Spirits

They are too many to mention. But I will just concentrate on the Celestial Spirit King and the 12 Zodiac Spirits.

They have their own World - Celestial Spirit World. They are immortal - they will not die, they just go back to the Celestial Spirit World. They are named after different astronomical constellations. They are summoned using keys! How cool is that? Right?

So here are the list of the 12 Zodiac Spirits:

  1. Aquarius - the Water Bearer, the strongest Spirit in possession of Lucy
  2. Taurus - the Golden Bull, it is Lucy's best melee attacker
  3. Cancer - the Great Crab, wields a pair of scissors that is used in attacking and giving haircuts to Lucy
  4. Virgo - the Maiden, a woman in a maid suit with shackles on his wrist, she has the ability to dig holes
  5. Sagittarius - the Archer, a man in a horse costume but with a great skill in archery.
  6. Leo - the Lion, one of Lucy's strongest spirit. He is also a member of Fairy Tail Guild.
  7. Aries - the Ram, a woman that generates pink wools.
  8. Scorpio - the Scorpion, he is able to wield sand magic through his gun-like stinger. He is also one of the strongest spirit in possession of Lucy.
  9. Gemini - the Twins, two miniature spirit that when they touch a person, they can easily copy them and their powers. For me its power exceeds Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn.
  10. Capricorn - the Goat, I think he will be Lucy's spirit butler cause he looks like one!
  11. Pisces - the Paired Fish, the only Zodiac keys together with Libra that is not in the possession of Lucy.
  12. Libra - the Heavenly Scales, with the power of Gravity Change, I think she is also a capable fighter among other spirits.

The Celestial Spirit King - a big spirit with a long beard and mustache. His powers is still unknown. But as the King of the Celestial Spirit World, I think he is the most powerful spirit. And I doubt that Lucy will get him as one of his spirits.

Top 5: The Dark

The sophisticated guy, Freed Justine. His power is the Dark Ecriture, where he has the ability to write runes on air or on everything with his sword or his finger. With this magic he can teleport, have wings, he can inflict pain, fear, suffering and even death to his opponent and he can even reflect the magic of others. He can also harness the power of darkness giving him more strength and speed.

I like Freed because he is intelligent, being the leader of the Thunder God Tribe, and always very calm. But when it comes to fighting his opponents, he became this strong guy that is opposite of what is seen to him.

I wish that with these new arc he will be given time to shine. I know that he is strong and I know that he can win a battle against the demons.

Dragon Force

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Sting NatsuWendyRogue

Top 4: The Dragon Slayers

Who wouldn't love these Dragon Slayers? They are always the strongest in this series. Having Natsu as the strongest Dragon Slayer, always beating the crap out of every villain he encountered.

Dragon Slaying Magic are a form of Lost Magic. Each Dragon Slayer has their own unique element - Natsu is fire, Wendy is wind, Gajeel is steel, Rogue is Shadow, Laxus is Lightning, Cobra is Poison and Sting is Light.

There are three generations of Dragon Slayers:

  • First Generation - their Dragon Slaying Magic are taught by Dragons themselves.
  • Second Generation - they are called Artificial Dragon Slayers because their powers came from a Dragon Lacrima implanted to their bodies
  • Third Generation - are the combination of the first two generation, having taught by the Dragons and implanting Dragon Lacrima to their body.It is said that they are the strongest Dragon Slayers.

Dragon Slayers can also enter the Dragon Force, an advance ability of the DS. With these they will harness greater power and greater speed. Dragon Force mode is also cool, because they become cloaked with their element and their appearances also change.

Each Dragon Slayer has a unique magic and abilities other than their element:

  • Wendy - Support and Healing Magic
  • Gajeel - He can transform his limbs into swords and iron rods and clubs
  • Rogue - can become shadow crawling into walls and stuffs
  • Laxus - becomes lightning itself
  • Sting - marking the opponent with a stigma making them unable to move

Also I love the concept of them eating the element they possess - Natsu eats Fire, Wendy eats Air, Gajeel eats Steel, Cobra eats Poison. But for the three of them - Laxus, Rogue and Sting - I don't know if they also eat their element.

  • I don't think you can see lightning anywhere unless there are thunderstorms. Or if Laxus is crazy enough he can gable on electric wires or plug his tongue on a socket.
  • For Rogue, I don't know if he can magically touch shadow and pull them so that he can eat it. I think getting the shadow of someone or something may kill them? I don't know. But I do know that it is hard to eat a shadow!
  • Sting will also be given a hard time eating Light. First, I don't think that you can bite on it. Secondly, I think it has no taste. Lastly, the world will become dark if he continuously eats light in the world.

EDIT: 10/26/15 : About eating shadows, Gajeel magically eats Rogue's shadow power granting him the Shadow Dragon power, making Gajeel became Iron-Shadow Dragon form.

The best among the rest!

Which among the Dragon Slayers is the most powerful?

See results

Top 3: Luc_y

Do you remember how they named Lucy?

The store is actually called "Love & Lucky" but due to some reasons the "K"in the word "Lucky" was destroyed. It is now read as "Love & Lu_cy". And her parents named her Lucy.

Lucy is a very jolly person. She is also fashionable. She is also very confident on her sex appeal and appearance. But don't be fool by her appearance and blond hair, because Lucy is actually a smart person. She likes to read books and also writes novel that she didn't want anybody to see or read. She is a Celestial Spirit Mage. She always care about her spirits and she often strengthen her bond with them. She is always seen with a whip. She is actually a skilled whip user. She possesses 10 of the 12 Zodiac Keys. She trains with Capricorn so that he can use her magic well enough not to drain it easily.

Lucy is always seen to be the damsel in distress. Natsu and others will always try to help her win battles. But I think only few of the battles is actually won by herself, the rest is with a team. I want her to become more powerful, because I think Celestial Spirits are like Pokémon that gain power through the bonds they have with their master. I wish Lucy will have a power up in this arc and overcoming powerful demons with herself only. *crossed fingers*

EDIT: 10/26/15: Lucy, after the Tartaros Arc, have gained some new abilities and became stronger than before. I will give news about it some time later.

EDIT: 10/26/16: Lucy's new power is called the Star Dress. It is the power given to her by the Celestial Spirit King, harnessing the power of the Celestial Spirits while in a dress much like Erza's requip.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Book of Zeref as depicted in the Manga
The Book of Zeref as depicted in the Manga
The Book of Zeref as depicted in the Manga

Top 2: Demons from the book of Zeref

The current antagonist on Fairy Tail, the 9 Demon Gates of Tartaros are some of the Demons from the book of Zeref.

I know Franmalth is one them but I love Franmalth that is why I am giving him the 8th spot. And this 2nd spot is for the whole Demons from the book of Zeref.

The other Demons are as follows:

  • Lullaby - demon in the form of a flute, anyone who hear the sound coming from the flute will eventually die
  • Deliora
  • Tartaros - a dark guild that composed of demons from the book of zeref
  • 9 Demon Gates - the core member of Tartaros. They use Curse instead of Magic.
  1. Silver - an Exorcist Mage who uses Ice Demon Slaying Magic
  2. Kyouka - A demon who uses Reinforcement Curse. She is like the scientist in the group.
  3. Jackal - a demon that possesses a Bomb Curse. He can blew up everything he wanted to be blown into smithereens.
  4. Tempesta - a demon with a Tempest Curse, where a he utilizes a wind like power to blow everything in his way.
  5. Franmalth - I have nothing to say to this demon! Cause I already said it above!
  6. Torafusa - a lizard man with a curse that summons poisonous water.
  7. Ezel - a four-armed man with 8 tentecles. He possesses the Tenga Goken Curse, that allows the user to use his arms as swords.
  8. Sayla - her Curse is called Macro, has the ability to control human.
  9. Keyes - "The Black Archbishop", a Death Monk that wields a Khakkhara, he is Necromancer known to revive dead people. He is the one responsible in reviving Gray's Dad, Silver.
  • E.N.D - it is said to be the strongest demon in the book. Igneel tried to kill it but did not succeed on doing so.(EDIT: E.N.D. is actually Etherious Natsu Dragneel. SHOCKER! and a bit SPOILER for some)

I think this Arc will tackle more on flashbacks so that every question of the readers will be answered. Fairy Tail dealing with these demons by themselves? I don't think they can do it without the help of other guilds. And I wish that Mermaid Heel and Sabretooth will join forces with Fairy Tail.(EDIT: Only Rouge and Sting came to help in defeating Tartaros, because they want to save Minerva) That would be AWESOME!

EDIT: 10/25/15: Nakama Power Up defeated most of the Demons of Tartaros especially Sayla, Keith, and Kyouka.

EDIT: 10/26/16: It turned out that all Demons of Tartaros are over powered by the Fairy Tail, meaning they should not be here in terms of Power. With the introduction of the new and probably the last set of villainous group, the Spriggan 12, I think I need to create a new set of top favorites.

The Black Mage Zeref
The Black Mage Zeref

Top 1: The Black Wizard

The top 1 is also considered as the strongest and the most evil mage of all time. He is Zeref! Need I say more about how he became my top 1? He created the demons. All villain worships him. He's invincible. He created the awesome-est dragon - Acnologia. He is the root of all evil in this story! SO THAT'S WHY HE IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE CHARACTER IN FAIRY TAIL!!

And when the time has come, when the fairies will fight Zeref, I wish that the battle will not be trolled - 5 chapters beaten the fairies to deaths then when the counterattack is initiated 2 pages zeref will fall. Fairies win with the SUPER NAKAMA POWER - UP!"

I wish it that the defeat of Zeref is not a trolled up battle again like the other ones. *crossed fingers* AGAIN!

EDIT: 10/25/15: New information about Zeref has been out in the manga. I will be writing about it in a new hub some other time.

Other Characters I like but didn't get to be on my top 10

  • Erza Scarlet
  • Gildarts
  • Gray Fullbuster
  • Meredy
  • Juvia Lockseer
  • Hibiki
  • Ultear
  • Jellal Hernandes
  • Makarov
  • Jura
  • God Slayers
  • Minerva
  • Kagura
  • Doranbolt
  • Hades
  • The Dragons

Fairy Tail

Which among the characters listed above do you like most?

See results


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    • profile image

      fairytail fan 

      2 years ago

      The spriggan 12 are bad asses. They got a god soul take over, sand magic, ice magic, high enchanter, zeref's son, machina, dragond slayer, size manipulator and much more. Im excited for the anime's last season next year.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      zeref and jellal bae


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