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Fringe: Novation

Updated on April 21, 2013



Peter is Back

Over the past several seasons the Fringe division has been investigating unexplained phenomena. With this advent of the unexplained occurrences we are introduced to Olivia whose lover is taken by a Fringe incident. She seeks out Peter Bishop a genius and High School drop out to help handle his Father Walter Bishop and crazy genius.

We find out that Walter Bishop was friends and colleagues with William Bell the creator of Massive Dynamic.

Shortly after the season began we learn that Peter is from the other universe and the Peter from the universe they are currently in died as a young boy. So Walter learned how to cross into the other universe and took cured Peter and brought him back to his universe with him. Walter’s wife commits suicide because of this.

It is also discovered that Olivia is not randomly involved in the Fringe division as Walter Bishop experimented on her with a vaccine that gave her the ability to move back and forth between both universes.

It is also discovered that Peter is the “one” or “savior” of both universes who is suppose to be able to save both universes and when he tries to do so he erases himself from the time line.

Now he is back but no one remembers him. They had visions of him when he was missing and he haunted Walter but Olivia and Walter do not remember Peter at all. But Peter remembers everything and he is trying to understand why they don’t remember him. In the interim both universes continue to work together to resolve all of their issues.

Remember the glyph’s code so you can always decipher the message the producer is sharing with you.

Trailer for Fringe


Ironically, Peter is back and not remembered as the "one" and actually is not remembered at all. There is a philosophical question as to whether Peter's actual life enhance the story line or is Peter's character alive or dead is enough to unite the Fringe division. Oddly enough Peter only shares a 99.7% chance of being Walter's son. For those of us who have actually be through DNA testing the usual number is 99.99% probability a son and Father share the same genetic code. That 99.7% is probably a clue.

Peter quickly realizes he is in a third alternate universe. And in this existence they don't know the observers exist. Peter realizes he is the paradox which is destroying both universes. And Peter quite frankly, doesn't understand how he can be back when he was suppose to be erased from the time space continuum.

A Scientist from Massive Dynamics wife is murdered. His name is Malcolm Truss and the translucent shape shift needs his help. Shape shifters are cancer survivors who haven't had successful gene therapy.

It is definitely an alternative universe in that Nina Sharp was Olivia's foster parent.

Peter realizes he is in an alternative universe and therefore he has to learn to play by a whole new set of rules. Basically when Peter entered the machine he was transported into a third universe.

The shape shifters are the ultimate infiltrators as they can assume the DNA of their hosts. They come from the alternate universe and are planning and invasion. Peter is fragile and vulnerable in this new universe and he appreciates his Dad which is also new. Walter rejects Peter. And Olivia seems to be shift back and forth through quantum fluctuations or time slips.



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