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B2ST Gikwang Merchandise 2013

Updated on February 16, 2013

B2ST Gikwang Merchandise Gift Guide

This selection of Gikwang merchandise features Kikwang shoes, clothes, earrings, bracelets, rings, photobooks, and more. The Kikwang clothes below are an assortment of socks, shirts, and shoes.

Lee Gi Kwang, the main dancer and vocalist of Beast, was born on March 30, 1990. Gikwang was originally a solo singer known as AJ. After releasing his first solo album, First Episode: A New Hero, on April 4, 2009, AJ debuted with B2ST as Kikwang later that year. Ironically, fellow Beast members Yoseob, Junhyung, Dujoon, and Hyunseung were AJ's backup dancers. The only Beast member who wasn't Kikwang's backup dancer is Dongwoon.

Some of the songs that Gikwang has been featured in are Love is Pathetic with Ahn Jinkyung and Break Up with Brave Brothers.

Lee Gikwang has appeared on numerous shows, including Diary of AJ, MTV B2ST, Beast Almighty, Idol Maid, SHIN PD Variety Show, Exciting Cube TV, and Running Man. In addition, he has worked as an MC for Hot Brothers, Win Win, and Inkigayo. The dramas and movies that Kikwang as acted in are My Princess, High Kick, Sammy Adventures 2, and Me Too, Flower.

Aside from being a talented dancer and singer, Lee Ki Kwang also models sometimes. For example, he has modeled for Ice Tea Tio from DongSuh Foods.

[Image Credit: Kikwang Poster for Sale]

Gikwang Cute and Funny Moments

First Episode: A New Hero - Gikwang's Solo Album as AJ

First Episode a New Hero
First Episode a New Hero

Although The First Episode: A New Hero is only a mini album, I think it's worth having in your kpop collection, especially if you are a fan of Lee Gi Kwang. I'm disappointed that there weren't more songs on Kikwang's solo album because every one was good. He definitely captured my heart with this mini album.


Listen to Kikwang Songs

Who Wants Another Solo Album from AJ/Gikwang?

Do you want Gikwang to come out with another solo album?

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This cute Gi Kwang hoody has "Bye Yum!!!" printed on the back and "Hi Yum!!!" printed on the front. This cozy hoody is available in seven other colors if dark grey isn't your color. Is it too hot for a hoody where you live? No worries because you can also purchase this design on a t-shirt. The Bye-yum t-shirt is available in 25 colors, so you will definitely find a color that suits you.

Which Gikwang Merchandise Do You Like the Most?

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