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Gucci Mane Freestyles

Updated on July 9, 2010

Gucci Mane - "Freestyle King"

Gucci Mane Freestyle

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has been in the game for some years now and is just now getting real recognition as one of the best. The reason for his success is his constant grind and motivation to be one of the best. The proof can be found in his numerous mixtapes that he has dropped over the years that have sparked such a buzz in the streets. Now that he is getting major radio spins and constant music video play, Gucci Mane is considered to be in the mainstream flow.

The one thing that has set Gucci apart from the rest from the very beginning is his freestyle ability. He's recorded several songs, even major portions of his mixtapes by simply rapping in that exact moment without any already written material. His freestyle ability is simply cannot be challenged by anyone in the game right now.

'So Icey Boyz' Freestyle

'Come Up DVD' Freestyle

Gucci Mane's Freestyle Abilities

There are countless videos of Gucci Mane where he endlessly freestyles for the camera on the spot. He does it without even repeating himself. He does happen to sometimes say Gucci La Flare a few times as a filler line so that he can think of the rest of the line, but he's never too repetitive in his rhymes and usually never rhymes the same thing twice.

The never ending verses he freestyles sound as if he had already written it and was only rehearsing his bars but that's not the case. If you aren't a fan of Gucci Mane or think he has no rapping capabilities, you should definitely give a few of his mix tapes or freestyles a listen because Gucci Mane has got talent.

'No Pad No Pencil' Freestyle

"No Pad, No Pencil" Mixtape

One mix tape where he drops numerous tracks where he simply freestyles through the whole beat is his "No Pad, No Pen" mix tape. He might have somewhat of a goofy flow at times and he may be hard to understand in some of his songs from his strong southern accent, but his rhymes and flow are undeniable. Along with his various mix tapes, Gucci Mane's freestyles have helped catapult him to the height of success he is at today.

Listen & Download More Gucci Mane Music

If you haven't heard any his freestyles, you can find an extensive list of Gucci Mane Mixtapes available for download. For those that don't believe it, you can also check out plenty of Gucci Mane Videos. After watching only a few, or even one of his videos, you'll be blown away by how fast and creatively he can think and put his words together. It's simply amazing and there's nobody in the game right now who can match it.

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