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House: The Confession

Updated on April 21, 2013

House: The Confession


House: The Confession

This we find House serving a prison sentence and detoxing from vicodin in jail. The one thing that brought House to addiction which is medicine also has made him clean. He gives up his vicodin addiction to return to practicing medicine. And a clean House feels everything especially the lose of everything his drug addiction has cost him.

House has lost his team but recruits Dr. Park who is a very talented intern who also happened to hit her supervising doctor. She makes it through a disciplinary hearing because House tells the committee to fire her and working for House is the worst fate Dr. Parks could face.

Dr. Adams is also a volunteer waiting to get a job with House. She has recently gone through a divorce and is a bit of a bleeding heart which is a nice contrast with House.

Foreman is now Dean of the Department and has defrocked House of just about everything. But slowly House is earning his way back. He recently obtained a sizeable donation to refund his diagnostic department. And with his new found finances he hires both Dr. Adams and Dr. Parks. And me manages to also rehire back Toub and Chase. So the old team and the new team now have to merge under the new sober House. Or is House sober? It would seem as if he is so far and he has managed to make up with Dr. Wilson his life long friend.

The new dynamics of Toub and Chase should make for a very interesting dynamic for Dr. Parks and Dr. Adams.

House; The Confession Trailer


Chase and Toub has to explain to Foreman why they want to work for House. Foreman wants Chase and Toub to spy on House in order for Foreman to keep House out of jail.

Bob Harris is a family man who has a terrible confession to make. He has been having an affair. Bob Harris struggles with telling his wife he had an affair. Dr. Adams believes he should and Chase believes it is more humane Bob Harris kept is sins to himself.

Everyone is going to Wilson to try and manage House. Wilson is the only person that actually understand how Houses mind works.

House has pitted the old team against the new team diagnostic team.

Bob Harris admits his guilt to everyone in his community. He actually admits he is a bad person which is also a symptom. He also admits he is a murder.

I don’t buy the diagnosis of Kawasaki syndrome but it is theatrical.

House gives Toub a bad time about his children claiming he isn’t the Father. But Toub stand up to House and tells him he loves his children no matter what.


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