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How To Manage Your Videos Online Youtube and Vimeo

Updated on October 20, 2013

It's great putting video content online, especially for musicians. It becomes another great way to connect with your supporters. What can become a daunting task is managing that content once it's online. The sky is the limit with what you want to do but here are 3 important things to keep in mind.

1. Have Great Engaging Content

Make sure what you are uploading is quality material for your viewers to see. Whatever platform you use for your videos, whether youtube or vimeo, it will be very lonely and quiet if you're consistently uploading videos that are not engaging. Are you passionate about the subject your demonstrating in your videos? If the answer is yes, then there is a good chance you've passed the test!

2. Starve Negativity

Sometimes no matter how much positivity or great work you put out you are going to get negativity. Take a look at any famous or high achieving athlete or other celebrity and that point will be apparent. It sort of comes with the territory because you cannot and will never please everyone. Instead of getting upset about it or letting it get to you and hurt your feelings when it happens choose to either ignore it or turn it around.

If you are positive the majority of your viewers will likely stick up for you anyway. If you do choose to engage with anyone being negative toward you or your video decide to shower them with kindness and make them wonder why they said anything bad about you or your video at all. It does not pay and will actually zap you of your energy if you choose to meet negativity with even more negativity.

3. Respond to Your Supporters

While you don't want to feed any negativity, makes sure you do feed the positives you get from your videos. If people talk to you and ask you questions there make sure you respond. That one person who took the time our of there day to say "hello, you're back" or "I love this video, put more up" did not have to stop by and see what you uploaded. Acknowledge them.

If you become really successful and your views increase dramatically it can really become hard and even impossible to say thank you to every individual viewer or supporter that comes across your page but you still need to try your best to make them feel special. This way you will walk away feeling great and connected with your audience and want to upload more videos while they are looking for the next thing you do.

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