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Icon News with Lew Marklin

Updated on September 27, 2011

Icon News -- NEWS FLASH

Do you enjoy relaxing in your lounge of an evening watching a positive show about real life people ?

Better still do you enjoy seeing your favourite celebrities talk about their life and their causes ?

If your answer is yes then you are going to really enjoy the HOT new show" Icon News" which Lew Marklin was telling me me about yesterday which is coming to air soon so get ready for some great TV viewing !

Lewis Marklin Mash who is a Television Producer and on air personality as host of Icon News and ADHDtv, as well as producing several national network TV shows in the United States was telling me about the new show Icon News which is a new 30 minute TV show, airing on Dish Network and Bravo, starring Lew Marklin who interviews celebrities and world Icons about their struggles, journey's and the positive, world changing causes that they are passionate about in their lives.

The ground breaking show, utilizes skype to catch the celebs in their natural habitat. It is one of the most positive, inspiring and promising shows in this fall prime time lineup and though the word is traveling slowly, It should be a huge success.

Lew Marklin said " I want to see something of substance, something that matters, something I can wrap my head around and truly say, ‘wow, now that’s larger than life, way to go Hollywood,’ news flash, there’s a less than fortunate world out there, let’s make some changes and offer a hand!”

Promote Causes

It will be a very fascinating programme to watch. One of my passions is to be able to raise money via the travel club I promote to travel overseas and help out at an orphanage for a while so it really is an inspiration to hear their stories .

If you have a cause that you would like me to help promote on or offline please email me at

Hot Stars on Icon News

Hopefully when I get back over to the USA sometime I will get a chance to watch the show as Icon News has interviewed some of today’s hottest stars about the causes that they are passionate about which is always interesting especially stars such as Angelina Jolie who met those fleeing the crisis in Syria at a refugee camp in Turkey.

Angelina also is a generous donor to UNHCR. She has donated to many field operations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans and the Americas.

.Cassandra Hepburn, Christina DeRosa, Georgia Van Cuylenburg, Mycole Metcalf, Lil J, John Schneider, , Eric Roberts, Clarissa Burt, Ruth McCartney, Susan Anton, George Wallace, Dominic Rains and many more.

Georgia Van Cuylenburg is an Aussie Comedian from Australia who had a hit theatrical show in Australia before coming to US and one of the prominent stars of ADHDtv was Angie Kai, who is now back in Sydney, Australia, ! acting in a tv show!!!!

It has been said that the two dated on set and even lived with each other for a while while taping the show!"

Angie Kai and Lew Marklin

Geogia on Melbourne TV

Lew interviewing legendary actor Louis Gossett Jr,

Lewis Marklin, Host of ADHDtv is a Producer, Actor, Editor and 20 year stage performer, this is his reel. News Bad Boy and Man of a million faces! ...

Lew Marklin on ADHD

I have ADHD so this would have suited me !
I have ADHD so this would have suited me !
Hollywood California:
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

get directions

Welcome to Hollywood LA Where Dreams sometimes come true !

When Does Icon News Air ?

Icon News will go to air at 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm PST on Dish Network starting Fall 2011 (September) so make a note of it in your diary and enjoy the show.

Please vote me up if you like this hub and share with friends !

Thank You in advance !


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