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Impractical Jokers:James "Murr"/ Murray is "the baby face"

Updated on May 3, 2015

James Murray

James Murray, the laughing boy

James Murray was born May 1, 1976 in Staten Island New York. He attended Catholic school where he met Sal, Joe, and Q. The four became good friends, and instead of going their own way for college, the four decided to follow their dream and form a comedy team, The Tenderloins. As a small time comedy foursome, they put their money together and bought video equipment and took turns filming each other asking unusual questions to passers by. Just as the troop was tiring out and about to go their separate ways, they entered a contest and one a prize from NBC. The prize was 100K, this was enough to keep the boys inspired. The Tenderloins formed Impractical Jokers in 2011 and it was an instant hit.

Impractical Jokers is an escape for many of us, during these times of political drama. James Murray, "Murr", laughs a lot and his fans find this to be a particularly endearing trait. When watching Murr work his way through uncomfortable situations one of the things that gets audiences really laughing is seeing James lose it and start giggling. It is what many of us would do under such bizarre circumstances. Murr was seen posing as a shoe salesman on the Impractical Jokers show for one of his "challenges", when asked by one of this friends, Q, Sal, or Joe, to ask a customer if she needed help with some f****** shoes. Murr bravely walk up to the customer and said the words but immediately burst into uncontrolled laughter, having to walk quickly away from the scene to gain composure, leaving the stunned customer shaking her head. Another episode of Impractical Jokers had Murr posing as a tarrot card reader. Again Murr delivered his lines and found himself laughing like a teenager. His cute baby face smiling through the strange behavior adds a charm and a boyish quality to his antics. Murr's popularity has skyrocketed since the show began.

Impractical Joker- James Murray

Murr; King of Presentations

James Murray has had some of the most memorable presentations of all the Jokers. His ability to ad lib what Sal, Joe, and Q are throwing at him makes in very funny to watch. He can go with the flow and appear quite natural regardless of the crazy pictures he is presenting.

Perhaps Murr's best presentation to date is his unknown charity presentation which he delivered to a very serious group of people in a movie theater. Little did Murr know that halfway through the random photos in which Murr's quick wit could easily smooth over, and keep up with his "charity" charade, an embarrassing photo of himself lying in bed with a full head of hair on his head and an even fuller amount of chest hair. True to his reputation, James Murray did the best thing he could have done, he simply said, "this is me before I shaved my chest hair." The audience was stunned, could see that these photos were being thrown at him unknowingly, and began howling. It had to be one of the most bizarre and strange moments that they have ever experienced.

Murr moments

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