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Impractical Jokers, Hilarious New Show on Tru Tv

Updated on September 8, 2014

Impractical Jokers Downtown


Staten Island's Impractical Jokers, Murr, Sal, Joe and Brian Quinn

With the countless new reality shows coming out for the past decade,I thought I was sick and tired of shows that are based around embarrassment and humiliation, one would think that the shock value of watching others face awkward confrontations would be old news and seem repetitive, however, Impractical Jokers is really funny, and in many ways unique and refreshing.

It’s a simple formula of four guys telling each other to say embarrassing things to strangers. As simple as the formula seems, it is actually very complex when one considers the editing that goes into making this show as entertaining as it is. The four men, Q, Sal, Murr and Joe, have years of experience working in front of the camera. They are part of a comedy troupe called the Tenderloins that started 12 years ago. These guys are true professionals, and the formula would not work if they did know how to engage the audience, looking directly at the camera when something particularly funny or strange happens, reminiscent of classic comedians Laurel and Hardy. Brian Quinn, James Murray, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano, go to public places in New York and give each other embarrassing challenges. A score is kept of who succeeds and who doesn’t, and the loser is subject to an absurd humiliation at the end of the show,and it somehow has one laughing out loud.

A description of this show just can not convey how funny it really is. One will find themselves feeling nervous for the joker who has to fulfill a challenge and then, when in the middle of an absurd presentation, those nervous emotions transfer to side splitting laughter.. A well planned and thought out formula for a show, because the greatest relief is laughter.

Fans anxiously await their return.

What's Next for Impractical Jokers

There is speculation as to what direction this show will take in the future. How long can the show go on as it is? They can only come up with so many challenges before it becomes old news.

It has been rumored that the Impractical Jokers may tour the United States. This would be a change of environment for the Jokers, as they would be seen with Southern people in the deep south, in California performing their challenges on the streets of Hollywood, and perhaps even in Chicago. It would indeed keep interest in the unique situations that they might find themselves in regards to different parts of the country and the differences in people outside of the New York area.

Beware! the Jokers may come to your town!

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Impractical Jokers in Catholic School

Joe Murr, and Sal
Joe Murr, and Sal | Source

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Q Trys to Use Up All His Sunscrean


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