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Impractical Jokers; Sal Vulcano, the Sweetie

Updated on March 31, 2013
Sal | Source

The Most Likeable Joker

That look of pain and torture that comes over his face when one of his four friends tells him to, "yell MILF allert," . I just had to title this one Sal Vulcano, the Sweetie, because he is probably the most loved Impractical Joker. In my research consisting of the past two weeks of gathering reactions to Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, the responses I have been getting from people who watch this reality show are either, "Sal seems so sweet," or "Sal seems like a nice guy". There is something so genuinely likable about this guy, not matter what he is doing. He has an infectious laugh that displays a lot of body language, sometimes falling over while watching his friends say embarrassing lines to strangers. Sal can go from turning red with loud boisterous laughter until the hysterical level of becoming almost silent. One may see Sal doubled over and falling on the ground until something disgusting happens, then one may see a genuine look of concern come over Sal's face. Germs, cooties and sick people are off limits for this type A Joker.

Sal Vulcano, sweet and germ free

Impractical Joker,Sal, Tenderloin, and business owner, Sal has an irresistible charm,and facial expression. He is the Joker that people identify with the most, because his look of embarrassment projects the way most of us would feel in a similar situation. He makes us feel like it is us out there saying these things and battling with our dueling emotions of wanting to laugh out loud and crawl under a table. We look at Sal and feel like he is us out there facing a group of serious faced people while delivering a speech about how "losing is for losers". One may find themselves spending more emotion on Sal when he looks almost frightened and insecure about a particularly strange challenge he is being encouraged to perform. How can anyone not like Sal? We are looking forward to his return to tru tv.

Portrit of Sal


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    • Twilightzones profile image

      Twilightzones 6 years ago

      I like the way you have a profile for each joker