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Five Reasons To Love Leopard Print

Updated on April 12, 2011

"I can't get enough of leopard print. If you can get enough of leopard print then I say you have a bagel where your heart should be. A stale one, too. Refrigerated." - Jennifer Aniston

Leopard print is sinking its claws into the fashion realm in a big way this year, with supporters as multitudinous as stars in the sky, and indeed, many stars endorsing the trend quite openly and vociferously. Look at the passion and humor with which Jennifer defended leopard print there. If only Angelina Jolie could muster that much passion for fashion, the world would probably be a better place.

Kim Kardashian is also a big fan of leopard print, indeed, she offers some pretty sound advice on how to wear leopard print without looking as if you are planning on spending the evening defending a street corner from other women. The secret according to Kim is to use leopard print as a signature point. Wear some leopard boots, or have a leopard scarf. Don't dress head to toe in leopard print, for that is going too far. Kim also recommends blending the current camel trend into leopard print outfits to soften them somewhat. That's why we love Kim Kardashian, she is excellent when it comes to advice on being subtle.

But why do we love leopard print so very much? According to Telgraph Fashion Editor, Heather Alexander, the love of leopard print may have been cemented into our DNA back when we were hunter gatherers, and the presence of a leopard pelt indicated some fairly serious hunting prowess. Such a fixation, if it has any basis in reality, would also account for our ongoing love for fur. And for the fact that we can't help diving into caves and banging bits of rock together whenever we see them.

Though it is often overdone, there is no denying that leopard print is something of a definitive classic, indeed, when one considers that women have been coveting leopard print since the stone age, one could possibly call it the classic.

What does this mean for you and I, humble shoppers? It means that buying a few tasteful pieces of leopard print represents something of a long term investment. Leopard print may be huge now, but it will never truly be 'out of style' and that means that you can keep wearing your cute little leopard print kitten keels and toting your leopard print bag around when 2011 is a distant memory.


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