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Keeping Your Fans Engaged And Showing Up

Updated on June 9, 2013

Keeping you fans interested when you're not putting out some new music does not have to be rocket science. try a couple of quick experiments and see if these few tips won't help you and keep them happy!

1. Content, Content, Content

Your supports and fans need something to be engaged with. Give them enough content to get the job done. People will not continuously go to a blank page or a site or profile that never gets updated. You need to be present and supply some great content! Can you imagine coming back to an empty Pinterest? It would never happen. You would forget about it. The more consistently you supply your fans and supporters great content, the more they will continue to come back and even look forward to what you give them next.

2. Be A Friend!

At the same token, when you notice your supporters, viewers and listeners being nice to you or acknowledging you, acknowledge them. Be a friend! They are taking the initiative and in a way validating your work. They are supporting what you are doing which is what a friend would do. Be a friend back! Thank them, congratulate them on their successes when they tell them to you, wish them a great day. Above all be genuine when you do it. No one likes a faker!

3. Be Engaging

Sometimes take the initiative and ask your supporters questions. Ask them how they are today or what is their favorite color. Find out what they would like to hear or see from you next. share with them the best note one of them posted on your facebook page or website. Tell them what your first concert was and ask them what was theirs. Go beyond sharing your music. Connect with them and share a part of yourself.

4. Go The Extra Mile

Find out if there is anything specific your fans would like from you. The easiest way is to just ask. If February is coming up, ask what they would like for you to do for them for Valentine's Day. Try this with any holiday or if you are having an event coming up or if it's just the start of a new season. Sing with them! Do something extra for them, after all they love you!


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