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Luiz Meneghin Predictions and Audition Results for America's Got Talent 7

Updated on May 16, 2012

Luiz Meneghin is a registered nurse by day and an aspiring opera singer. Contestants like Luiz have had a great history of success on America's Got Talent. He auditioned in San Francisco for the 7th season with "Nessun Dorma." This song is definitely oversung on these shows, but it always works when delivered with a good vocal. And Luiz delivered.

It's not that Luiz is a super opera singer. But he has a cool backstory and substantial talent. His vocal tone is magnificent. I can easily predict this guy will be one of the favorites to win the whole contest as long as the judges put him through to the voting rounds. That is not a certainty, as there are lots of both good and bad acts put through in Vegas to the live rounds. But if he is picked, Meneghin's backstory will get him a lot of votes. And his talent will get him some, too.

As a nurse, Luiz sings for his patients. This is something right out of a Hollywood movie (think Patch Adams or Awakenings). It is practically tailor made for voting success on AGT.

But I really enjoyed his singing. I do think he should hold out some of the notes longer to display a higher degree of talent. But with Neal Boyd winning and Barbara Padilla and Jackie Evancho winning 2nd, I predict this guy will make the finals if given a chance in the voting rounds. I'll have to wait and see all the other contestants to predict whether he is the #1 favorite for America's Got Talent 7. And we also have to wait and see if he is advanced to the voting rounds since some strange decisions are made by the judges and producers in Vegas.


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