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Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Updated on October 3, 2015

Mission Impossible 4


Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Ethan Hunt is involved in a bombing in the Kremlin and is brought back to the United States to be tried as a terrorist. He is allowed to escape by the Secretary of State so he and other disavowed agents can attempt to clear IMF’s name. In Mission Impossible 4 Ethan has been promoted to Jim’s old job as team leader which is amazing since in Mission Impossible three he was only training and settling down to marry.

And isn’t it the very nature of covert operations to operate as ghosts, hence the name clandestine services? But as always this Mission Impossible will most certainly have the high action sequences, the technology and the betrayal that goes along with every Mission Impossible film. If Ethan Hunt or his team are found dead or are caught they will be labeled terrorists and not just disavowed.

The film is shot on location in the Kremlin, Dubai and Canada. It stars Tom Cruise of course but with a new production team and the director is that of the cartoon movie The Incredibles. A few new faces are added to the cast in particular Jeremy Rennar from Hurt Locker and Tom Wilkinson from Michael Clayton and Batman Begins.

Former Mission Impossibles…

Mission Impossible starred Tom Cruise and Jon Voight. Ethan Hunt was disavowed and hunted in that movie as well and for good measure he broke into Langely and stole the NOC list to sell to an arms dealer Max to find out who set him up. It was Jon Voight with a bit of slight of hand with technology for 10 million in bonds.

Mission Impossible 2 had a delayed release because of 9/11 and the subject matter of the film. It was about biological warfare selling it to pharmaceutical companies.

Mission Impossible 3 Ethan is just training and out of field work. He is engaged to get married and is madly in love and sick of espionage work. He is suck back in when one of his students goes missing in Germany. He tries to save her and captures her murderer who then goes after his loved one. In the end Ethan saves the day but finds out one of his best friends from the Ivy League has betrayed him.


It is kind of hard to watch any entertainment as world events are so serious. I would love to see Tom Cruise walk down the middle of Wall Streetright now with his buddy JJ Abrams. While I love Mission Impossible since the 1970(s) reruns they are so irrelevant to current affairs in the United States that it seems more for an international audience like India then for the USA. So the real Mission Impossible will be for this movie to make any money at the box office given the current economic times. How can Americans support Hollywood anymore when their interests lie so far outside of mainstream America values? And I like Tom Cruise and I love this series. It is just clear how much Hollywood doesn’t love America and exactly how unpatriotic they are except when they are on camera. As for the real Ghost it is in the heartless soulless corporate profit mongering of Hollywood while ordinary American children go to bed hungry every night because they and their families aren’t valued enough in American society to be paid a living wage in order to live a decent life. So how does Cruise handle that he shoots the film in Canada, India and Dubai where he can make a larger profit margin then in the USA? I guess only time will tell. Too bad Mission Impossible wasn’t shot in America to give Americans jobs. Being an international film star must mean you still want Americans as your audience and therefore are sensitive to Americans economic plights.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible 4

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