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List of Movies Like Easy A

Updated on September 14, 2011

More Movies Similar to Easy A

For those who like Easy A (me included) here are some movies which you'll love as well.

Movies like Easy A are usually very dependent on the charisma of the female lead to carry usually fluffy plot points, and Emma Stone is exactly the right gal for this movie.

If you've seen her in earlier breakout role in Paper Man or the seriously funny Zombieland, then you'll know how her infectious charisma shines through her roles.

Like Easy A some of these movies will have interesting monologues, with the story told usually from the protagonists perspectives. If you have watched Easy A then you'll know that movies similar to it will need to tread the middle grounds between being sexy and funny, with a hard to believe but still believable teen adventure story that you'll care about.

Read on for this list of movie recommendation based on Easy A. In case you are wondering Mean Girls 2 is not up to par compared to the original so do your wallet a favor and give it a miss.  

Movie Trailer of Easy A

Mean Girls

Ok girls can be mean and if you watch the movie Mean Girls then you'll know why.

It shares a similar story setting with Easy A in a "survival of the fittest teenage "social caste system" where who you are with are sometimes more important than who you really are. Both these movies also shows how vicious teenagers can be without resorting to actual violence. All they need are they phones and someone to spread the gossip.

I actually watch Mean Girls after having enjoy Easy A and wanted something similar to it. The fact that it was one of Lindsay Lohan's breakout role and it also starred Amanda Seyfried made this a really watchable teenage drama. Did I mention that Tina Fey actually co-wrote the script for this movie?

Movie Trailer of Mean Girls

Paper Man also starring Emma Stone

If you just simply loved Emma Stone in Easy A then you really should catch her in early breakout role in Paper Man.

She really funny and her already very good in this one. The story line is a quirky sort which seems to suit her style really well. This is also one of those movies with a great script that moves things along at the right pace with just enough character development in each scene.

Movie Trailer of Paper Man

Movie Trailer of "The Breakfast Club"

"The Breakfast Club"

If you have not seen "The Breakfast Club" then you might want to give it a spin.

This is a the definitive film masterpiece from the teen film genre of the 80s. It has some of the same vibes (and probably pioneered it) as in "The Easy A". So take a trip on the "way back machine" and watch this must-see teen movie.

Welcome to the cut-throat world of teens in "Election"

Another movie that is similar to Easy A is "Election". It's a teen movie about the "cut-throat" world of a 2 way and then 3 way student body election.

This film shares some of the general atmosphere like the movie Easy A, exposing the surreall viciousness and deviousness of teens.

It also helps that this movie stars the normally sweet nature Ms Reese Witherspoon and the quirky and dare I say with a dash of dorky (in a good way of course) Matthew Broderick.

Movie Trailer of "Friends with Benefits"

Share Your Other Movie Recommendations based on the Film Easy A

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    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Nice review here! Very well written.



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