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List of the Best Films Like Mean Girls

Updated on May 8, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's Breakout Role

If you loved Mean Girls then here are more movies similar to it.

This is one of the most critically acclaimed high school satire that is also a huge box office hit too. The then starlets in the making Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried is babelicious in this one.

The script is fantastic and no wonder because one of the script writers is none other than the talented and sharp witted Tina Fey

The House Bunny

What makes The House Bunny similar to Mean Girls is the talent actress starlets in the cast.

The story is about a ditzy and kind former playboy bunny who ends up helping a group of very different girls who are outcast of the high social system.

Here are some of the up and coming stars to watch for in this fun ride that is like a kinder version of Mean Girls.

Of course the sexy Anna Faris is perfect as the naive aspiring Playmate with a heart of gold Shelley Darlington. Watch for Emma Stone as the Natalie. She really steals the few scenes that she is it.   

Movie Trailer of The House Bunny

Easy A - The High School Scarlet Letter

I was just watching Easy A and it kind of reminded me of Mean Girls.

Come to think of it, Mean Girls was Lindsay Lohan's breakout role, while Easy A is set to be Emma Stone's breakout role. It's strange but Emma Stone kind of remind me of Lindsay Lohan's girl with an attitude style.

Easy A is about how vicious rumors can spread in a high school. Although both are comedies, they are also high satires that teenagers can identify and empathize with.

Movie Trailer of Easy A

The girls of Thirteen
The girls of Thirteen


If you liked Mean Girls but want something more raw and revealing then brace yourself for the movie Thirteen.

Thirteen is a revealing look into the world of adolescence which is like a peer pressure cooker, with the anxiety of trying to fit in leading to a dangerous spiral.

This movie stars Nikki Reed as the troubled teen. She was also helped to co-wrote the script which adds to its sense of authenticity. Her mother is played by the award winning Holly Hunter which certainly adds emotional depth to this film.

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