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Movies Like Inception - Movie Recommendations

Updated on February 12, 2014

Movies Like Inception

Inception was an awesome movie, but also confusing at first. I had to watch it several times to get it. I am going to recommend some movies like Inception so that you can get your sci-fi appetite in. | Source

The Matrix(1999)

Thomas Anderson(Keanu Reeves) is a computer programmer known as "Neo". He enjoys learning about references to "The Matrix" that is on his computer. He is told by an infamous hacker Trinity that someone by the name of Morpheus would know the answer to his solution. However, Agent Smith decides to interfere and stop that from happening. That did not stop Neo from seeking out Morpheus. Eventually, he finds him and Morpheus tells him that humans are fighting against intelligent machines that took control of Earth in the 21st century.

There are also sequels to the Matrix, so if you enjoyed this, then you will want to check out the rest of it! They are The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

imbd | Source

The Thirteenth Floor(1999)

Hannon Fuller(Armin Mueller-Stahl) owns a successful computer enterprise. He gets killed when he begins testing of the VR(virtual reality) system. Douglas Hall(Craig Bierko) becomes the main suspect for being his protégé. Hall then romances Fuller's daughter Jane during the time she was trying to shut down the VR system. In an attempt to clear his innocence, he enters the virtual reality to find the clue that Hannon left him there.

imbd | Source

Sleep Dealer(2008)

Set in the future, where a militarized world distinguished by closed borders with virtual labor and global digital network, three strangers decide to break the ceiling of technology. Memo Cruz(Luis Fernando Peña) is one of the sleep dealers that works at a factory where workers have cable wires attached to their backs, allowing them to control robots. The story is told in flashback mode.

Memo's passion is all about electronics, while his dad wants him to grow crops and take care of the family business. Memo builds an electronic receiver at his house that can tap into communications. He does not know what it has in store for him when he builds that receiver...

imbd | Source


Sam Bell(Sam Rockwell) works at the Lunar mining base as the sole resident. He watches and makes sure everything is okay as automated harvesters launch canisters to Earth that contains helium 3 that is extracted from the moon. He only has a companion called GERTY, an artificial intelligence. Two weeks before his return to Earth, he suffers a hallucination. It distracted him from his job while driving a rover, causing him to crash into a harvester. He wakes up in the infirmary and later found out that he has another clone at the crashed rover. Both Sams then decided to find out how this had all happened...

imbd | Source


The story takes place in the future of year 2095 where humans that are genetically enhanced live with regular human beings. A place called Central Park is known as a "Do Not Enter" zone. People that attempt to try to go there are instantly killed. One day, a pyramid appears over the city and the gods of Egypt ceased Horus off his immortality. A young woman called Jill(Linda Hardy) with blue hair is arrested. She possesses secret powers such as being able to procreate with gods. Horus is then given a short span of time to interact with humans and try to procreate with them...

imbd | Source


Helena(Stephanie Leonidas) works at her family circus with her parents. She dreams of running away to explore real life. Because of that, she and her mum quarreled and her mum ends up in the hospital and require an operation. Helena blames herself for what has happened. That night, she wakes up in a dream-like state and eventually finds out that the Princess from the L Shadow has stolen a charm from the City of Light, causing the White Queen in a "coma". She then decides to help them recover that charm...

Other Movies Like Inception

I have watched the above movies, so I feel that they have some similarities with Inception. I would say Inception is the best out of all of them, but the above movies are great as well. Below are some that are similar but I have not watched them, so check it out if you want more movie recommendations:

  • Primer(2004)
  • Nineteen Eighty Four(1984)
  • Source Code(2011)
  • Memento(2000)
  • Timecrimes(2007)
  • Eden Log(2007)

For all sci-fi fans, these movies will keep you occupied for a while!

Which movie are you most likely to watch next?

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    • profile image

      An 3 years ago

      A more recent movie (2013) to recommend is Trance, a british psychological thriller than shares components of Inception and Vertigo.