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Movies Like 300 - Movie Recemmendations

Updated on December 1, 2013
300 | Source


Man, this movie made so many funny spoofs off Gerard Butler's famous saying in the scene where he kicks the messenger into the hole. "This is Sparta!"

I have seen remixes of the "This is Sparta" song and people are loving it. The movie is also awesome with the emotional roller coaster fights that make your jaw drop. For me, the most memorable moment was where Gerard Butler throws that spear.

I am going to introduce you some movies like 300 that you could possibly watch.

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This is Sparta Remix

Braveheart | Source


This is quite an old movie but is a classic. William is a Scottish rebel who is trying to start a rebellion against the evil English ruler, Edward the Longshanks. Edward has the intention of ruling Scotland to his own agenda. William's family died trying to protect the Scottish from falling into English ruler ship. The loss of his loved one was too much to bear for William as he sparks a long and remarkable journey to end the invasion of the English once and for all.

Gladiator | Source


General Maximus is a well-respected warrior that gains the trust of the aging Roman emperor Marcus. He trusts Maximus much more than his own son Commodus. Before his death, he bestowed Maximus the emperor's seat. Commodus is extremely angered by this and condemns Maximus into slavery by becoming a gladiator. Sadly, his family was ordered for execution and Maximus was unable to save his family. Maximus lives on and hope that someday he will be able to fulfill the emperor's dying wish and rule the Roman empire by becoming the best gladiator.

Troy | Source


This movie takes place in the Bronze Age. Helen, the Queen of Sparta, is convinced to leave her husband behind and set sail to Troy with Prince Hector. This sparks a chance for the Greeks to take on the Trojans and battle for supremacy. They come up with a brilliant idea of putting men in a big Horse that contains Greek troops and send the wooden horse as a gift to the Trojans as a sign of dominance. The Trojans gladly accepted the gift and partied that night. Little did they know that they were about to get slaughtered as the Greek soldiers came out of the horse to launch a merciless assault on the Trojans.

Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings | Source

Lord of the Rings Series

While Lord of the Rings is more fantasy based, it still has a lot of similarities. There is a lot of scenes where the main characters are severely outnumbered and requires a lot of mental determination to pull through the hardships. The story is based off a popular novel. An evil Lord Sauron created a ring that is powerful enough to rule the middle earth. The movie series documents a hobbit's journey with the companions that he met as they travel to find this ring that could potentially fall to the wrong hands if they do not destroy it. There is plenty of action packed scenes and also some funny references in the movie. It is definitely worth watching in my opinion.


There you have it! These are my favorite movies aside from 300. I personally enjoyed Lord of the Rings series as I enjoy fantasy + medieval + action packed fighting. Be sure to check them out! These above movies are all great!


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