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Movies Like American Pie - Movie Recommendations

Updated on February 20, 2014

Which is your favorite American Pie movie?

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American Pie

Follow a bunch of horny and sexually charged teens to their quest of losing their virginity. How fun is that? It reminds me of my childhood. I was the complete opposite to these teenagers, as I was too busy trying to beat "Diablo" with my friends.

I am going to introduce you to some good movies similar to American Pie series. Comedy and sexy scenes are included. | Source


Superbad has a rather similar plot to American Pie. Socially awkward inept high school friends Evan(Michael Cera) and Seth(Jonah Hill), decided to get some alcohol for an upcoming party so they would not be deemed as "nerds". With both guys going to a different college, they figured that if they could reinvent themselves, then college would be different for them. Fogell(Christopher Mintz) got some fake ID for them and Fogell got named "Mclovin". Joined by two irresponsible cops that allowed them to get away with buying alcohol while under aged, hilarious scenes ensue. | Source

Road Trip(2000)

Josh(Breckin Meyer), a student from New York videotapes his one night stand with a beautiful sorority girl Beth(Amy Smart). Unfortunately, his friend accidentally mailed the tape to his girlfriend Tiffany(Rachel Blanchard) while she was with her family in Texas. In a desperate attempt to make sure that doesn't get to her house, Josh and his friends embark on a road trip to stop that from happening. Beth, however, wants Josh to be with her and plans to track down Tiffany.

This movie has a mix of comedy and raunchy scenes. If you are not okay with too much cussing, this may turn you off a little. | Source

Revenge of the Nerds(1984)

This is an old classic movie back in the 1980s. I wasn't even born yet when it was showed in the theaters. It is a sex comedy movie that featured Gilbert(Anthony Edwards) and Lewis(Robert Carradine). They were nerds that were socially awkward that were the subject of pranks. After getting kicked out to a gymnasium by Stan(Ted McGinley) from Alpha Beta, a group of handsome jocks, they have had enough. Instead of accepting their fate, they decided to take revenge. They use their intellect to plan revenge pranks on the jocks provided plenty of laughs along the way while doing that.

If you grew up as a teen in the 80s, this would resonate with you. | Source

The 40 Year Old Virgin(2005)

Another movie like American Pie, Steve Carell stars as Andy Stitzer, a 40 year old geeky guy that never had sex before. He is a happy-go-lucky guy that works at an electronic store, until his friends and co-workers find out that he is a virgin after getting the jitters while interacting with women. In an attempt to change that, his helpful friends and co-workers decided to set him up with dates to help him lose his virginity. However, after some failed and disastrous dates, they are about to give up on him until he met this gorgeous single mum, Trish(Katherine Keener). There is a twist though. Trish has just got out of a bad relationship and is not ready for another one...

This movie reminded me of my own struggles with women when I was younger. Boy, the stuff we do to try to get laid is absolutely ridiculous. | Source


A teen comedy that features Scott(Scott Mechlowicz). After he developed a friendship with a German bombshell(Jessica Bohrs), who was helping him pass his German class, he attempts to travel to Europe to see her. As they travel to Europe with his pals, they met some crazy and funny people. Of course, you wouldn't miss the sexually charged scenes, although they did tone that down a little bit to keep it okay for the general audience to watch.

The movie was alright for me, but my other movie friends did enjoy this. Some scenes were funny, but it did lose a lot of its value towards the end of the movie. Not for me, but hey, perhaps you might like it. | Source

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle(2004)

Korean-American investment banker Harold(John Cho) and Indian-American medical school candidate Kumar(Kal Penn) had cravings for White Castle burgers during a rather boring routine day for them. Their quest to find the White Castle burgers turned out to be a crazy and wild road trip before actually winding up at their destination.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Both actors were great and provided a lot of comedic value. Neil Patrick Harris also stars in this movie as well. You cannot miss this!

Movies Like American Pie Conclusion

I really wanted to put Wedding Crashers in here as it is also absolutely hilarious as well, but it does not fit the theme here. The above movies are great in their own way, so if you enjoyed American Pie, these movies will definitely give the American Pie series a run for their money.


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