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More Inspiring Martial Art Movies like Ip Man

Updated on August 24, 2011

The Martial Art Master, Ip Man

If you like the movie Ip Man with its well choreographed and realistic martial art fight scenes and the strong storyline about one man's quiet integrity and struggle against injustice.

Then you'll love these other movies similar to it in terms of feel and content.

I've tried to include a range different movies that shares some commonalities with the film Ip Man, but are also unique in their own right.

Movie Trailer of Ip Man - Ip Man, the Wing Chun Master Vs 10 Karate Black Belts

"Wuxia" One of Donnie Yen's Best Film in 2011

The movie "Wuxia" is directed by the acclaimed Hong Kong Director Peter Chan and stars Donnie Yen as a martial arts expert who wants to lead a normal life away from the world of "Wuxia" loosely translated as the world of martial arts and swordsman.

This movie have been described by some critics as a cross between CSI and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, with its blending of a police investigation with the explosive world of martial arts experts.

Movie Trailer of "Wuxia"

Donnie Yen's Killzone

If you enjoyed Donnie Yen performance in Ip Man then you got to watch his other breakout role as a hardcore cop that brings justice to evil doers at all cost.

These have to be some of the most bone jarring martial arts action in a modern cop drama. Watch for the extremely agile and powerful moves from Sammo Huang and also the cool killer moves of Wu Jing. Both of them are the baddies against Donnie Yen and are real life martial experts in their own right.

Movie Trailer of Killzone - Lightning Fast Fight Scene

Jet Li's Fearless

Fearless premise is that a person 's greatest enemy is himself.

This is similar to the film Ip Man in that it is a martial arts movie that has lots of depth in the storyline and the characters involves. This is one movie that carries an emotional impact that stays with you long after you watch it.

This is also supposedly Jet Li's last kung fu epic. In my opinion this is his best work to date with his message coming through clearly in this wonderful movie that's worth watching again and again. 


Once Upon a Time a China

This was the first of a series of movies about the legendary kungfu master Huang Fei Hong.

It was also one of movie that established Jet Li as one of the best action superstar.

It's a film that has a good balance of funny fight antics, serious thought provoking moments, and of course the trademark of all out large scale fight scenes. 

Movie Trailer of Once Upon a Time in China - Jet Li, the Good Guy Vs Donnie Yen, the Bad Guy

Be More Than You Think You Are

Ip Man is set to become an iconic movie about the martial arts and the strength of a person's believes. I hope these movies can inspire you to find the hero in you and have the courage to always do what you feel is right.

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