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Movies that Raise Important Issues Affecting Our Society

Updated on June 30, 2013


A satire which portrays a post-apocalyptic world where there is strife between vegetarians, and meat-eater who have reduced themselves to cannibalism. Delicatessan is a French movie which tells the story of a butcher, and the people who live in the apartments surrounding the shop. There is conflict between the butcher's daughter, who is a vegetarian, and the father who resorts to killing humans, despite the fact there are several bags of grain in the basement, in order to satisfy the hunger of the community. The daughter falls in love with the soon-to-be-victim, which causes the differences between the meat-eating father, and the vegetarian daughter to climax.

Twilight of the Cockroaches

Twilight of the Cockroaches is partially an animated and live film telling a tale of peace and war. The cockroaches in one apartment experience freedom in the home of a man who feels no motivation to clean the mess of his apartment, while just across the street a society of cockroaches is under constant war as the female owner tries to evacuate them from her home. A romance between the man and woman causes the war to migrate into the peaceful society of cockroaches.

Fantastic Planet

The animated tale of Fantastic Planet, created with fantastical artistic cut-outs, creates a world in which humans are exploited and dominated by aliens. The humans are segregated into domesticated and wild groups. The wild species of humans are looked on as pests, which reproduce at a high rate, and make it necessary to spray chemicals to have them eradicated. The domesticated humans are a source of entertainment for the aliens. The aliens are intellectual and spiritual people, but yet they believe it to be unrealistic that humans could be either intellectual or spiritual. Humans are seen as mere animals acting on instincts. At times, the aliens appear to be lifeless zombies that are propagandized by a regime that allows them to believe they are enlightened. There are many sexual undertones to the film, some of which appear on one viewing to be the planet which they inhabit and other viewings as a collage of sexual images. Ironically, humanity is barraged with sexual images on their televisions screens as corporations try appeal to their pocketbooks. The images popular culture creates through television cause humans to act in a mindless manner.

Robin Coe is a journalist and author. She wrote the fantasy novel "Fly on the Wall" and graphic novel "Illustrated Book of Wrath".

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