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Social Issues: Connection, Consciousness, and A Paradigm Shift

Updated on January 24, 2013

Throughout time brilliant minds have tried to explain our existence and our relationship to the world we live in and, to each other. The theories are far too complex for me to understand or try to explain. What I know is that life provides the opportunity for us to connect with people, places, and concepts that alter the landscape of our consciousness. In other words, we are all connected in a manner that we may not understand but when recognized, makes the world a better place for all. I have witnessed and experienced this phenomenon of the connection. I know it to be real. The connections we make in life change our consciousness, in our awareness and ultimately; result in a paradigm shift.

Can A Paradigm Shift Occur in the Collective Consciousness?

The answer lies in understanding what a paradigm shift really is. It is a change, a metamorphosis from one way of thinking to another. The shift occurs when a series of events occur that alter our perception of a situation. If this is true, could it be that we are about to experience a collective paradigm shift. Let’s step back from our personal life for a moment and think about some things that are happening in our world.

  • Natural disasters are occurring with increased frequency and changing the landscape and the lives of those in its wake.
  • Man-made disasters have affected the environment, jobs, and our health through oil spills, war, nuclear power accidents, AIDS, and cancer.
  • Economic disasters have impacted jobs, housing, hunger, and both large and small business.
  • Social crisis has changed our level of comfort with increasing violence, homophobia, racism and, class war.
  • Political conflicts have divided us and left us questioning the future of the democratic process.

None of us are immune from the effect of these events. We are all touched in some way by each and every one. They alter our collective consciousness by creating fear, anxiety, sadness, and yes, anger too. But… they also push us towards each other where we find comfort and hope for a brighter future. How do I know? I see it every day, in the lives of average people. Think about it for a moment.

When natural disasters have torn entire communities apart such as the tornado in West Liberty, Kentucky (March 2012), volunteers and charities from around the country stepped up with donations and volunteer labor to help rebuild this small town of approximately 3000 people.

When Super Storm Sandy struck the northeast coast, strangers from every walk of life jumped in to provide rescue, food, and shelter. Military veterans came to help rescue and rebuild. Charities brought truckloads of food, water, and household goods. Musicians came together to raise money for those who lost everything. And yes, even politicians crossed party lines to say – “I’m here to help”.

Invisible Heroes

What else goes unnoticed in our country, when loving, caring people step up to make a positive impact on the lives of others?

  • Every day, in every city in America, volunteers are holding the hand of someone dying with AIDS or cancer through hospice care.
  • Across the country, volunteers are building houses for someone who would never own a home without Habitat for Humanity.
  • Our highways are traveled each and every day by caring volunteers who relay an abused or neglected animal to it’s forever home through various rescue groups.
  • In large and small cities, volunteers are standing in the cold ringing bells for the Salvation Army so that a child can have Christmas.
  • On any given weekend, rough and rowdy bikers ride their Harleys to raise money for Toys for Tots.
  • In some obscure town in the heart of Appalachia, a volunteer is teaching a child to read or providing transportation to an elderly person who needs to see a doctor.
  • Families all over the country are volunteering time and money to raise a puppy that will one day be a service dog for the blind.
  • Today, someone with a charitable heart is signing the pledge to be an organ donor and in hospitals around the world, someone is receiving a heart or liver; a chance at a normal life.

I could go on and on but the point is, there are invisible heroes in every town and city, who are making the connection with someone they might never have met. These are the real heroes in our world. They don’t make movies or music. You won’t wear their designs on your body or hang their art on your walls. Most likely, you will never know their name. They do what they do because they care. They are not jaded by all the bad news or politics. They are not famous or wealthy and if you met them on the street you would not ask for their autograph. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even notice them. They are average folks who do amazing things for the good of strangers.

The Shift

Along our way in life, we hear a story or witness the kindness of these invisible people who are doing so much good for those who need it the most. Our hearts are touched by their stories and something moves inside of us. A little piece of the wall we’ve built around our heart falls away and makes room for hope.

With more hope in our hearts, our thoughts are changed and a new awareness created. Our awareness shifts from fear and anger to hope and charity. The energy around us changes and the Law of Attraction brings like-minded, kindred spirits into our life. Our connection to our society strengthens and we begin to understand our relationship to people, places, and concepts that move our collective consciousness upward in a more positive direction. This - is a paradigm shift. And yes, it can and does occur in the collective hearts and minds. Now, it is our responsibility to nurture and share it. No matter where you are standing in the world, the same sun shines on each of us. One sun. One humanity. One world.

© 2012 Linda Crist, All rights reserved.

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