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Pan Am: Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Updated on August 8, 2013

Pan Am



The stewardess are very excited about traveling to Berlin with their journalist passengers. They hope to meet Jack Kennedy. Maggie apparently worked for Kennedy's campaign and has a bit of an obsession with the President.

Kate is a courier. And meets another courier and ties to help her defect.

Colette is haunted by the Germans occupying France when she was three years old. She has PTSD.

Apparently, Kennedy's arrival was welcomed by Western Germany in 1963. Although there is some argument what president Kennedy meant when he said, "Ich Bin Ein Berliner." . The show claims Berliner means Jelly Doughnut.

This show does capture the excitement and enthusiasm of international travel and the 1960(s) when all things seemed possible. This show has it all, Kate offers the intrigue while Maggie portrays the idealism. Colette is the realist and Laura is the most stable of all the crew.

Trailer for Pan Am

Ich Bin Ein Berliner


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