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Predator Movie Preview & Review!!

Updated on March 7, 2011

 Now if you have read any of my other hubs by now you know what a Sci-Fi & Horror fan I am and when you combine the two I have to say their is nothing better! Always been a fan of the old predator movies as well as the Alien Vs Predator series and now they are releasing a new predator!! Now this is not just a remake but a whole new story line which sounds even better then the first and a all new all star cast. So here are all the facts I have been able to gather up so far! Enjoy!

The Story

An early draft of the Predators script was leaked online in November 2009 but there has been changes made to that script although the basic story line is still accurate. The story is about the Predators kidnapping 8 humans (which they will soon find all have something in common in the reason they were picked by the predators) and dropping them on a planet for them to hunt. We meet the eight characters who parachuted onto the planet: Cuchillo, Nikolai, Isabelle, Stans, Mombasa, Hanzo, and Edwin. They soon realise they’re prey in a game of cat and mouse and they take off on the run in the jungle. The Predator planet is a game reserve and they are the game. The characters are killed off one by one by the Predators. The group eventually meet up with an American soldier called Nolan hiding in a cave. They find out that the Predators have been dropping humans into the game preserve for years. The remaining characters have to fight for their survival. Now unlike the other films there are new and different predators that will be revealed in the new movie which I will explain more about below.

20th Century Fox confirmed in April 2009 that Predators would be released on July 9, 2010. The studio promises the film to be “a bold new chapter in the Predator universe.”

The Cast

The cast includes Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, Walt Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Louiz Ozawa, Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne. In the script, there’s also a cameo appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from the first Predator. It’s rumoured that the makers were trying to get Arnie to make an appearance. Derek Mears and Brian Steele are also playing predators.

The Predators

There will be different types of Predators in the film. There will be a ‘Falconer’ Predator which uses a biomechanical bird creature (known as the Predator Falcon) to track prey from above. The Predator is able to see what the Falcon sees. A ‘Flusher’ Predator which the production crew call Mr. Black is very sleek looking and has black armour. There is a Predator who handles the Predator Dogs. The dogs are used to chase after their prey. The classic Predator from the original film will make an appearance. There are also two different tribes of Predators in the film.

My Thoughts

This film looks like it will be amazing, you really cant ask for a more incredible cast and the CGI work actually looks very realistic. The ideas for the new predators are a great twist and people always love more killer creatures terrorizing the humans. The trailer leaves you with chills and excitement! This movie looks like one of the few remakes that might actually prove to be more popular than the original! Cant wait to give you a review once it comes out!


 "The pacing’s ace, too. There’s a late introduction of a new human that keeps things spicy (long-term survivor Laurence Fishburne – judging by that spare tyre, the foraging’s pretty good in this jungle), a beautifully-staged samurai sword battle in a field of long grass, and a majestic ending, where Brody goes ‘a bit Apocalypse Now’. With Predators, Rodriguez and Antal have made something old-fashioned, in the best possible way. They just GET what made the original such a hoot – and by and large, have reproduced the same thrills here. This movie sets action film-making back two decades. And hooray for that."

Predator Dogs!!

Predator with the Hunting Dog
Predator with the Hunting Dog
Predator Dog
Predator Dog

New Predators!!!!

New Release PREDATOR Blu-Ray "Hunter Addition"

20th Century Fox has released full details of the upcoming Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-Ray set. The big news is that it will indeed be getting a new digital restoration of the film along with a sneak peak of New Predators movie. There’s also a new documentary called “Evolution of the Species: Hunters of Extreme Perfection” that includes interviews with Robert Rodriguez, Nimród Antal and John Davis. Release date is June 29!


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    • profile image

      newpred 7 years ago

      join us at to become a predator. We have costume makers and help to build your own pred

    • profile image

      Jed 7 years ago

      The new predators luck pathetic

    • BrennaR profile image

      BrennaR 7 years ago


    • tdanielle55 profile image

      tdanielle55 8 years ago

      Cant wait to see it!

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 8 years ago from Never Never Land

      Thanks! Im really glad it helped! I was really excited when I first learned what the storyline was, and not just another pointless remake of a classic film. Im so glad they got creative!

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 8 years ago from Los Angeles

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      Your write-up is great because I thought the movie is reboot of the 80s Predator. But it's not. The only things in common seem to be a jungle, some sort of Predators, and people with guns. I thought they were going to relive Dutch, Mac, Blaine, Billy, and the others.

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 8 years ago from Never Never Land

      I know Im so excited for the diff types of presdators on the planet!! Its gonna be so good!!

    • profile image

      MrMidNight 8 years ago

      Cool hub, can't wait, i'm going to break into the theaters, see what you started, LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 8 years ago from Never Never Land

      Thanks! I cant wait for the movie! I am wondering if they are gonna show it in 3D which would be awesome!

    • borge_009 profile image

      borge_009 8 years ago from Philippines

      I have been always a fan of predator. This hub is great. I will definitely watch the movie for sure. Thanks for this


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