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Prince Harry's Charm

Updated on June 1, 2011

William First

Prince William is pretty a navy blazer and gold buttons, conservative kind of way. Fortunately he had Diana to water down some of those oddly inbred features that so afflict the Royal Family. Yet there are already hints of a creeping middle-agedness about his person, which is a little disconcerting in one so young; for example, he is already thinning on top. I'm surprised he didn't opt for a discreet hair transplant before it became obvious. Perhaps he's above such vanities but who would have blamed him if he did? More to the point, who would have have known? So many Royals seem to start off promisingly in the looks department and then for some unaccountable reason, go off quickly.

Not bad
Not bad

Huggable Harry

Harry, on the other hand, has a kind of rakish charm that is very least to this writer. Of course, not having had the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with him, I'm unable to say with any accuracy whether he is a complete airhead or a thoroughly great guy but in totally superficial terms, he looks cute.

Even at the ..gasp, thank god it's over...Royal Wedding, he stood out among the doddering aristocrats, Colonel Blimps and ramrod backed conservative types that infested Westminster Abbey on that day of days, The young scion looked a little dishevilled and dare I say, a tad bohemian, which of course only adds to his charm.

Slightly Groovy

Furthermore, there are signs of grooviness that are distinctly unroyal-like in his dress, manner and general aura.It's almost as though he were..normal. Of course it's true, that as only third in line for the throne, he has not the heavy burden of responsibility that a future King like William must bear. Chances are, before too long William and Kate will start reproducing little Royal sprogs and unless there's a Kind Hearts and Coronets style series of tragedies, this will push Harry even further away from the crown. Thus he can afford to be more carefree than William and indeed, he does usully look good-humoured and relatively stress-free.

Just sayin'
Just sayin'

Paternity Rumours

Just about anyone who's ever picked up a magazine will be aware of the rumours surrounding Harry's paternity. Diana's affair with aging playboy James Hewitt is no secret and though Hewitt himself denies there is any possibility he could be Harrys' biological father, there are still those who don't quite believe him.

It means little, since Charles has been father to Harry in every way that matters...yet if William, god forbid, did happen to fall out of a moving train or some such horrible tragedy, then Harry's paternity would become an issue. Of course, for all we know , history is littered with Kings and Queens who were conceived on the wrong side of the sheets and really, who cares? The difference is though, that in these times of DNA magic, it is very easy to prove or disprove paternity and no doubt there would be those, with either an axe to grind, or who swallow all the gobbdlegook about 'god given birth rights' ..and they would demand a test.

Whatever...whoever Harry's father is, it in no way detracts from his charm levels and if James Hewitt is his father, well it may just have worked to his benefit. The Royal Family can always use some fresh fish in the gene pool.


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