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Pippa Middleton

Updated on May 11, 2011

Famous for Nothing

Isn't it amazing how in todays vapid cultural climate you can become an instant celebrity for doing nothing much at all. Of course it helps to be rich and well-connected and if you're faintly good-looking as well, it's not too hard too be thrust forward as a tabloid queen.

Naturally the media are desperate to make stars of women like Kate and Pippa Middleton because it helps them sell their appalling rags. Princess Diana was a goldmine. It seems the public just can't get enough of slavishly worshipping one 'hot' celebrity after another. Perhaps it's some sort of escapism from the strains and stresses of ordinary living...who knows. Whatever the reason, we, the great unwashed public, do buy into the house of celebrity cards.

Pippa Middleton, pre-wedding
Pippa Middleton, pre-wedding

Pippa Middleton's New Celebrity

It's no real surprise then, that Pippa Middleton, basking in the reflected glory of her sister's matrimonial coup, should now be dangled before us as a new photographic satellite to revolve around. When I went to open my email this morning, an item form the everpresent newsfeed on the main page under, the title Kate's Sis Steals the Show, caught my eye:

It may have been Kate Middleton's big day - but her sister and maid of honour Pippa turned almost as many heads on Friday attracting a flood of praise...

Some even thought she outshone Kate at her wedding to Prince William.

Oh dear, will this cause a war of sibling rivalry? Hopefully the sisters will have the maturity to deal with an immature media. Speaking of sisters,on the newsfeed, the article above this one was entitled Royal Cousins a Fashion Flop. well as being able make or break images, the media can create them in whatever mold they choose and it seems the Princess's Beatrice and Eugenie are now poised to become to Kate and Pippa, what the ugly sisters were to Cinderella. Heaven help Pippa if she'd been less than attractive or the headlines would have been something entirely different.

A tabloid 'star' is born
A tabloid 'star' is born

Who is Pippa Middleton?

Since I'm already cynically feeding the media beast by writing this article I might as well put a littleĀ  lean meat on the bone and throw up a fews stats about the latest celebrity on the block. Nicknamed Pip by her family, Pippa Middleton was born in 1983 and is the second eldest, after Kate. works in her mother's business, a party supply firm, called, appropriately, Party Pieces. she also writes for an online, business related magazine, The Party Times. Reputedly, she is more 'outgoing' and open than Kate.

Unlike her big sister, Pippa chose Edinburgh University for her tertiary education and while a student, made several frieds among the aristocracy. Her orbit is a rich, privileged one. Rumour has it she is currently dating Alex Louden, a banker and former cricketer.

Gossipy Tidbit

According to The Sun newspaper, while standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace next to Pippa, the rakish Prince Harry, (according to lip readers hired by sections of the media), was moved to say " "You do look very beautiful today - seriously." Hmmm..whether the Sun can be trusted in its accuracy or not is an open question but I hope Harry's girifriend Chelsy Davy doesn't take umbrage at this little nicety.


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