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Revenge -- The Games That People Play

Updated on November 6, 2011

So Tyler was trying to kiss Daniel

I think the thing that gives Revenge the edge over Ringer is Emily isn't the only one playing a game. You've got Nolan, who may or may not be on the level with why he's helping Emily. Then there's Tyler and whatever game he's playing. Ashley also reveled she has her own agenda. And add to that Frank and his agenda. Watching how all these games intersect as Emily plots to get her revenge make the show exciting and interesting to watch.

The episode began with Conrad and Victoria putting on a fake happy front for a reporter reporting on their 25th wedding anniversary. Have to act like the perfect couple is getting to Victoria. Throughout the episode we learn some interesting things about Conrad and Victoria. Conrad was previously married before he married Victoria. The question is was Victoria the Lydia in his previous marriage? Also an interesting remark was made when Victoria was convinced to testify against David Clarke in court. She was told if she didn't she would end up losing Daniel. Was there more to the remark? Was the threat just in regards if it came out that she had helped in framing David or is it something more? Conrad also claimed that he never loved anyone the way he did Victoria, but that she never looked at him the way she did David Clarke. Of course, if Victoria loved David so much then why did she turn on him and help to frame him? Was it just so she didn't lose the money and position if Conrad went down for his crimes or was there something else involved? Victoria and Conrad's anniversary ends with him appearing to pack his bags and leave her as he takes up camp at Lydia's bedside.

Speaking of Lydia, she wakes from her coma. What does it take to get rid of this creature? Does someone have to drop a house on top of her or something? Speaking of the smug skank, from the promo it appears she'll be recuperating in the Grayson house. That's just beyond the pale. I don't care that Victoria went and visited her in the hospital, having your husband's blackmailing mistress recuperate under the same roof as you just isn't done.

Speaking of troublemakers, Tyler was still playing his game. He told Daniel that Daniel smashed his head in because he mentioned Emily. If he hoped some great apology and guilt from Daniel, he didn't get it. While Daniel seemed a bit sorry he did it, it also didn't seem to bother him that much. Afterwards, Tyler continued Operation: Get Emily. He overheard Emily say she didn't want to be interviewed by the reporter doing the story on Victoria and Conrad, and sicced the reporter on her. Emily spun her and Daniel as the love affair of the century, then vowed it was time to get rid of Tyler.

Nolan told Emily he was done with the revenge business because of his encounter with Frank, but Emily persuaded Nolan to dig up dirt on Tyler. The chance to not sit on the sidelines and get into the thick of things lured Nolan back in. Nolan discovered someone named Leslie had a restraining order out against him, and I'm like, "Is Leslie a man or a woman?" Turns out Leslie is a man, which leads to Nolan accusing Tyler of being a gay hustler. While Tyler cops to being a hustler, he objects to being labelled gay. In short, Tyler's philosophy seems to be the same as this mortician had in an early episode of Happy Days. I still remember his line to Howard and Richard Cunningham. "Man or woman. Black or white. I don't discriminate." Ever the opportunist, Tyler starts coming on to Nolan and moves in to kiss him, in hopes of keeping him quiet about what he knows about him, and Nolan doesn't push him away. Is Nolan gay or does he swing on both sides on the fence, too? What Tyler doesn't realize is Nolan is taping him and Tyler's little romp in the sack.

Tyler makes a pleasant discovery in the fact that Ashley seems to be as opportunistic as he is. It seems to spark a genuine interest in her, although one never knows with Tyler. He may just see her as a good partner in crime to use for whatever nefarious plans he has.

Emily discovers she has bigger problems than Tyler when she comes home and finds Frank there. He's investigated her past, and knows that Emily Thorne stabbed her stepfather and spent time in jail. Emily calls Warden Stiles to cover for her. It seems Emily didn't have the usual inmate/warden relationship with Stiles, as Stiles tells her she should have remembered what she taught her to never underestimate your enemy.

When Frank shows up Stiles shines him on, however he slips into her office and goes through her files and discovers the Emily Thorne everyone knows isn't the real Emily Thorne. He figures out Emily is really Amanda Clarke. Amanda and the real Emily Thorne were roommates and they switched identities. Frank tracks the real Emily down. She's a pole dancer. He underestimates her loyalty to Emily as she bashes him in the head. Can Frank really be dead? I mean, if a nit like Lydia can survive a fall out a window, surely Frank can survive a hit on the head.

Emanda has more trouble land on her doorstep when real Emily shows up telling her about Frank and saying she took care of him.

Charlotte stupidly brings Declan to her parents anniversary dinner and discovers you can't take this turnip anywhere without him causing trouble. In short order, he ruins the dinner and causes trouble between Daniel and Emily by revealing Emily gave Jack a present. Tyler would be so proud.

When Daniel confronts her about Jack, Emily tells him she thinks she's falling in love with him. After storming off, Daniel returns and tells her he also thinks he's falling in love with Emily. Is Emily telling the truth? She claimed to Nolan that Daniel wasn't part of her revenge plan. And Nolan questioned if she could really be falling for Daniel.

I think the interesting thing about Emily's revenge plot, is she didn't just show up to enact her revenge. It appears she's been planning it for years and laid a lot of groundwork before showing herself to her enemies.


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