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Some weird Projects?

Updated on April 2, 2013

Favors for favors

Some of the videos that appear on my YouTube Channel "Sumo Films" may appear a little strange to the unknowing eye. But they are actually perhaps the most special ones on there.

A lot of my projects have been acts of gratitude. A small way of me being able to show my appreciation, to those that have subscribed to my YouTube Channel and have been entertained in some way by what I manage to produce.

So to say thank you, I personalize a little something that only they will really know the full meaning of and fully appreciate. A little different to a thank you card.

I know that by doing this my captive audience for that particular project is 1, but it's just my way of acknowledging them for visiting my channel and staying.

Gaming Gone Mad

This was one of my early projects I created it while practicing the much failed male art of multi-tasking. It took a couple of days although a couple of work days so a few hours. A rush though so that he could see it first, to say thank you for sitting down and watching a couple and deciding they where mad enough to warrant the occasional revisit.

As he is a fan of online gaming I created a little something extra special just for him.

Road Trip

This little adventure was created more recently, and it was done to say hello to someone a long way away. But to say thank you all the same, in my own special way and thank them just the same.

As I say everyone that visits is important to me and I will always try to show gratitude.

You never know

Let me know and I might manage to create something once my 100th is finished. I've got a lot of projects in mind and the floodgates will open once Hammy is unveiled.

So for now I will just keep doodling away, so if I don't answer straight away It's just because I'm either doodling or talking in a really squeaky voice for Hammy.

Picture from a colleague

So, usual sort of story. We're having a giggle in the office and someone starts drawing as I start thinking. Someone got the jump on me. Then I get an email asking me to turn the picture into a little story.

Well I'm not really sure where the phrase "Fart at the Moon" comes from but this is what I cam up with.


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