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Updated on April 10, 2013

Who is he?

As one of more popular characters from over here at Sumo Films, it was both fun and difficult getting to grips with him. Never quite getting it right, or trying to remember how his voice went were always particularly challenging.

But the little Hamster came through and after a few attempts he now has a little following of his own.

Where did he come from?

The thing about furry, lovable little characters, is that it appears that they can do no wrong at times. I tried making him unlovable so that I could stop making him, but it appeared to just fuel a fascination with the fictitious ball of fluff.

He came about a couple of years ago while I was just making anything and everything, testing mostly and creating anything I could think of. I was asking colleagues for plots, if I could, then would they like me to make something for them?

So someone very shyly asked for a hamster, a hamster that could fly.

Hammy's Dream

Hammys Dream

My first attempt at making a hamster related film turned itself into Hammys Dream. I was asked if he could be a super hero.

So I went away to see what I could come up with. I came up with flying his way through space, bumping his head and then waking up. As you can see it wasn't exactly a blockbuster but it was a start.

The character was well received, even if the film didn't quite caption the imagination of the audience.

Hammy's Flight

Hammys Flight

So then I went back to the drawing board as you might say, to try and capture the essence of what Hammy was supposed to be.

He needed to be a superhero, have a cape and dashing good looks. I did look blankly at the person requesting and think "he's a hamster" but progress I shall. A hamster he may be, but why not?

So, Hammys Flight again simple, but getting a little more involved and graphically better in terms of "dashing" I suppose (maybe not) and he goes about performing a trick of escapology.

Cat Astrophe

Cat Astrophe

So I still wasn't there yet but I was getting better. It didn't look as if I was even getting anywhere near the mark that was expected though and was sent back to the computer. So I went completely old style. Classic story of cat and mouse.

And given the title could the unthinkable happen? I was starting to get a little bit fed up with little Hammy by now. It's trying to find the right mixture to please everyone. Impossible but I need to please the person whose idea it was and who actually requested the little guy.

I know it's silly but when it comes to the little brown fluff ball the only opinion that matters is the lady who's idea it was.

Finally we are getting on the same wave length with longer films with more happening on screen I see the little smile of appreciation I've been waiting for. Then it happens, anymore?

Hammy's Take Away

Hammys Take Away

So, finally approved, or at least, so I thought. I again go complete opposite, could I pull off Hammy as a bad boy.

What could he get away with? You only really catch it if you're paying full attention but he isn't a very good little ball of fluff in this particular film.

But as with all lovable rogues he draws giggles. Everyone loves a naughty boy, as long as he isn't yours.

It was received well, with smiles and giggles all round. I partially retired little Hammy now that he seemed finished.

Winning entry of competition, opened to fans of the series.
Winning entry of competition, opened to fans of the series.

The Competition

So I think that I've finished with Hammy, or at least for a while and I quietly start other projects.

I was just going about my usual day to day business when I started to get strange glances, prods, emails, calls, tweets anything and everything asking me when there will a new Hammy film.

Eventually I gave in and offered to create something bigger than before, if the viewers were there.

And so I put out an announcement to those that watch, you're the ones watching and requesting, I am offering you the chance to be part of it. Draw me a frame. Submit it to me and I will select a winner and use it in the film.

They did I received entries and a winner was chosen and I have managed to find a suitable place in the film for it.

Hammy's Revenge

Hammys Revenge

Once the competition winner was selected I began coming up with an idea for the story. Using the picture as a starting point I created a trailer for Hammy's Revenge and began doodling.

But I decided that this would not be like the others as uploads passed and passed quickly I was approaching a milestone an opportunity was there to take.

This would be my 100th picture and my longest, I was doodling on and off for over a year and have quite a large number of frames safely stored away. I hopefully won't have a repeat of the GMan incident. But there will be plenty of Sumo's to spot so get looking.


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