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"Spy" 2015 Movie Review

Updated on August 11, 2017
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An avid movie watcher who dedicates her free time to writing passionate (mostly) negative reviews, even when she usually enjoys the film.

Spy Movie Cover:

 Melissa McCarthy as the lead actress in the spy film
Melissa McCarthy as the lead actress in the spy film

Spy Movie Review:

Movie: Spy 2015

Directed by: Paul Feig

Written by: Paul Feig

Genre: Action, Comedy, Spy

Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Jude Law

Release date: June 5, 2015

My Rating: 8.3/10

IMDB: 7.1/10

Movie Summary (with spoilers) on Wiki

Verdict: A hilarious addition to the spy film genre.


Review (spoiler free):

God I love this movie. It was hilarious!!!!!I love comedy. I get to sit back after a long day or week of torture...and finally let loose and laugh and enjoy life for a few hours. I have a pretty high sense of humour. That usually means I can laugh at almost everything.

Granted, there has been some comedy movies that didn't deliver (Trainwreck being one of them - I was literally so bored I didn't finish the movie)....but generally, even the dumbest comedy movies are funny to me to some degree. What can I say, I like to laugh a lot.

There are so many comedy films that I've seen...that it would take me months to review them all, and put them in the correct order of rating...but I can easily say, that in the comedy genre alone, Spy deserves at least an 8.

And weirdly enough, it's not because of Melissa McCarty. I like her movies (The Heat, Identity Thief, Bridesmaids, etc), but Jason and the villain (Rose) stole the show.

If you want to watch a comedy show that's got action and spies, this is definitely one to check out. It's heavier on the comedy side, but that's the whole point of this movie. To laugh like crazy.

The chemistry between Rose and Melissa was priceless. Their interactions had me in stitches. I can't really describe it, some I'll link so videos of it below for you to check out. The way Rose talked and the air around her felt so enticing and fun. Even though she was the clear villain, I just couldn't bring myself to wish her demise. Honestly. I almost wanted her and Melissa to become real friends and do whatever wicked thing they wanted to do, be it save or destroy the world.

And Jason. Well, he stole the show. I can't gush over it. Watch the movie, at least for him alone.

And Jude? He's that handsome guy that you get to watch from afar. No really, Melissa's character is totally crushing on him (lot's of quotes about his attractiveness...but it's true, so can you blame them?), and he's the reason she goes out into the field instead of being stuck with a boring desk job.


Susan Cooper watches the demise of a field agent and decides to go out into the field and stop the bad guys. She has to go undercover many times (all of which end up making her look hilarious and stupid) and get close to the enemy to take them down. Along the way she meets old and new spies and enemies and the fun and adventure begins.


This is one of those "show don't tell" movies. I can't really explain how good it is, I can only try to convince you that it's good enough to go watch. So go watch.

CIA Agents Crossover?

You know what would be cool? Seeing this gang do a cross-over with the spies from The Man from U.N.C.L.E .....wouldn't it be hilarious? Both movies will have sequels (or at the very least, heavily implied) wouldn't it be cooler to have them cross over in one movie. Something as simple as passing each other or cussing each other out or something...

I would love to see it.

Rose Byrne as the villian
Rose Byrne as the villian

Rose Byrne as Rayna Boyanov:

She has a resting B* face...and I love it. The way she holds herself, the way she talks, the THINGS that come out of her mouth....every insult and cuss word you can think's perfection.

Rose nailed it as Rayna...and I could not think of someone else playing this character.

love love love love her.

Jason Statham as the lovable fool
Jason Statham as the lovable fool

Jason Statham as Rick Ford:

And Jason? My God..I did NOT see that coming. Honestly, I am still surprised. Maybe it was a dream? Maybe he didn't act like a total adorable geek that messes everything up? Anytime he was in the scene, I was just jumping for joy. Literally and figuratively. He DEFINITELY stole the show. He's like the village idiot, and we love him for it!

I guess the biggest reason why I was impressed with Jason is because I've seen almost EVERY movie he's ever starred in (transporter, mechanic, safe, etc) ...and he's never acted like this. I didn't even know he had it in him!

I've even seen him as the bad guy in Cellular, then later in the fast and furious films...but this version of him..? Never.

Jason...keep it going, broaden your acting abilities. Love you as the badd-ass main lead, but this new side of you..l'd like to see much more of this!

Jude -hotstuff - Law
Jude -hotstuff - Law

Jude Law as Bradley Fine:

The allusive and attractive spy who might be a traitor. But for who?

Watch to find out!

I'm so glad he plays here. I remember watching A.I. (one of my favorite scifi movies that I will review) and falling in love with him, then watching Gattaca and getting all depressed at how his story ends. Awww, the feels.

Good to see you back :)

More Spy movies?

Aside from the Man from U.N.C.L.E., you can check out my review of Kingsman (and it's coming sequel!)

Spy Movie Trailer:

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    • Violets3 profile image

      Violet 5 months ago from California

      There's plentttty more where that came from. It was such a fun movie! Totally recommended - especially for Jason's bits.

    • profile image

      NessMovieReviews 5 months ago

      Omg I love Jason S, have not laughed at many Melissa's and I love Rose Byrne. I giggled at the trailer. I hope that they arent the best bits!

      Very rare that many comedies impress me. Lets hope this is one of them. I shall watch it as Im not really that fond of spy movies so perhaps this conbo w do the trick