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Strange Things Goin' On With The Judges, especially Steven Tyler

Updated on March 11, 2011
Idol judges
Idol judges
All three judges are performers
All three judges are performers
Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler

This week’ American Idol continued to surprise me. I am having so much fun watching Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Tyler and getting to know them. They, along with Randy Jackson are an interesting mix. I have been watching Idol almost from the beginning and have lived though all the changes with the various judges and I can honestly I like this mix better than any of them in the past.

First of all, they are all three performers, which I think makes it easier for them to understand and recognize what works on stage and what doesn’t. Their comments for the most part have been quite helpful, Randy being the toughest on the contestants.

I was quite disappointed this week in the comments Steven Tyler made. They were somewhat off the wall and not very helpful. For instance, He said to one contestant that he was “...a plethora of passion” What in the heck does that mean? Then he said, to another “ "You just sung your problems into next week.” OK. I'll bite. And another time, “Pure passion. Pure music. I can’t even judge it." What do you mean you can't judge it?  I don't get it. Don’t know what was up with him this week, cause his comments, have been spot on up until this point.

Wednesday night, Tyler was up, smiling and turned on. I followed him on twitter and saw where he was tweeting on his Blackberry during the show. He looked good too...not grungy as he has in the past. He was wearing a white lace ruffled shirt and a black suit...very classy. But on Thursday, his mood was totally tweets...and he hardly said a word all night. In contrast, Randy was his same serious "Dawg" self and Jennifer Lopez gave the best comments of all. They were thoughtful, helpful and right on.

The performances were good this week. However I think the boys are turning out to be better than the girls this year, especially three of the girls, whom I hate to say should go home as soon as possible. And one of them did last night. I actually have been voting and was surprised at myself for getting it right in just about all cases. I picked the bottom three: Anthon Jones, Haley Reinhart, and Karen Rodreguez. The one I liked the least was Ashton Jones and she’s the one who was voted off.

The girl that I Iike the best is Pia Toscano and I voted for her last night. She's got everything going for her. I also voted for Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone, and Lauren Alaina. All of the contestants are talented, but I think these are the best performers.

Looking forward to next week....


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