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Success habits: discover some habits of super successful people

Updated on August 19, 2013
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Successful habits: discover some habits of successful people
Successful habits: discover some habits of successful people

Some traits of successful people

.What habits or traits separate super successful people from dreamers?

“The man of success is the man possessed of the greatest spiritual understanding and every great fortune comes from superior and truly superior power.” Prentice Mullford


Success is a habit. But what do we wee by this. Well, the word habit has to do with three words which works in unison like clock work. These words are skills, knowledge and attitude. So for a habit to be effectual you need these set of attributes to work consistently and constructively towards the achievement of the pre-determined outcome. No wonder Socrates reasoned that excellence is what you repeatedly do. Therefore successful people have developed a set of qualities which work together to enable then to achieve what desired to achieve. On the whole it puts the successful person in a position of power.

Let's then go back to the question. What then are the habit of successful people?

This is not an easy question. But there are attributes, strategies, techniques or belief systems exhibited by successful people in their different fields throughout the ages. I have tried to research and read through some of the ideas presented by different individuals. There is common thread visible in the behavioral traits of successful people in the way they deal with themselves, other people and the result they deliver in their different activities. The main thing is that super successful people have developed mastery in their particular endeavors and have in turn become great leaders rather than followers. They have learnt to serve other people through the solution that they bring to the market place.

The following are some of the attributes of displayed by successful people:

1. Good thinker – Most successful people are first and foremost great thinkers. They have the ability to think through their problems and to figure out the solution to their problems. They have the ability to engage the expertise of those who will help them to follow through.

2. Visionaries – decide on their dreams and goals - Successful people see and imagines in their minds eyes what they want. They set goals with clear objectives; and plans on how to accomplish them. Moreover they motivated and move forward towards the accomplishments of their vision.

3. Strong self belief – On the average successful people believe that they are the one that are responsible for their success. They have strong believe in their ability and capacity to achieve their goal that they move on with confidence even when others do not believe in their dream. They progress steadily towards the realisation of their goals.

4. Passionate and enthusiastic – successful people are very passionate about the purpose for which they are engaged in. Most of the time the tenacity with which they tackle their dream robs on others because of their great enthusiasm. This is likely what MJ Demarco, the author of “The Millionaire Fastlane” referred to as PULL and PUSH for success. In PULL for success the successful person sets the ball rolling whereas in PUSH for success you are waiting for someone to ignite the fire of your fireplace in order for you to succeed. An example of pull for success is “where you write your own book and self- publish it; then publishers call you”; as opposed to PUSH for success; “where you send your manuscript to a publisher.”

5. Extraordinarily creative – Creativity is the ability is see old thing s in new ways. Creative people are able to see patterns that could results in new innovations. On the whole most successful people writers, poets, scientists, business men, financiers, teachers, etc have realised how to use creative imagination and constructive imagination to reap abundance in their chosen field. In the case of applying their creative imagination they have learnt to idealise, visualise and materialise their dreams. And they use apply the skill of constructive imagination to figure out what they want and set plans to attain their dream. It is apt to say they are always on the look out for new ways of doing things - literally, thinking out of the box.

6. Take action (action takers not action fakers) – Without action no idea or dream will be idealised. Successful people understand this and they do all that they can through manipulating their environment by taking action. As always, action trumps inaction and wherever there is constructive action towards an endeavour; the results shows.

7. Life long learner/continuous improvers - No matter their filed of endeavour, successful people realise that for them to up their game they must be life long learners. They also understand that they need to continually improve themselves so as to be able to face their competition and deliver excellent value for their clients.

8. Never give up – commitment, persistent and determined - Successful people do not reply on reason why they will not achieve but rather they focus on the result. They never give up and will always try to figure out or revise the means, plan, strategy and tactics to reach their goal. They are very focused and committed to the task at hand and persistently move forward to conquer new grounds; if need be.

9. Excel in what they do best – Successful people desire to achieve as well as excel in their different fields. They realise that competence and excellence can only be realised through practice; therefore they constantly strive to make good progress so as to break new grounds in their chosen fields. They have also come to the realisation that what they need is outside their comfort zone and they give what it takes in order to get what they want.

10. Focus on resources (time, money, effort) – Whatever you focuses on increases. If you focus on lack of resources this what you will see. However, successful people have the ability to identify and focus on the available resources and use it to implement their desires.

11. Game changers – innovative, different – most successful people tend to think differently that their counterparts. They think about solution to problems and hence are constantly looking for new ways to add value to best serve the society. They are not afraid to be different and for most part are the pioneers that drive innovation forward in their chosen career.

12.Integrity – true to themselves and responsible – Successful people seek to serve people with the best of their talent and abilities. They are very honest and genuine about their estimation of themselves and are always willing to give their best.

13.Right attitude – Having the right emotional landscape is the main thing in any business. And successful people from all works of life have it. The right attitude will not take the place of other important skills set required to any successful outcome, but it determines how far you will go. Remember, that your attitude determines your altitude. They have the can do attitude and will always fine turn their attitudes to suit the job at hand.

14.Risk takers – unafraid of the unknown – Successful people are risk takers. They move ahead of their dream but would compensate from the risk through application of special knowledge in their chosen field that helps them to minimise risk. The chose to use their power of the knowledge that that their success is outside of their comfort zone and therefore move forward progressively through small steps.

15.Good networkers / communicators – Most successful people have learnt the importance of networking and linking up with like mind or their clients alike. They have come to understand that developing rapport within their audience groups is key to their thriving in their respective domains.

16.Great leaders – Successful people, more often than not are leaders in their chosen fields or careers. They have the desire to give of their skills, knowledge, experience and aptitude in their different fields of endeavour. In turn they draw a lot of followers as a result.

17. Good planners – with good organisational skills and execute second to nonMost successful people know that that in order to achieve their desire they need to create a plan. The also devise means to work on their plan so as to achieve their dream. Most successful people have learnt to put their desires into a plan and take action to making it a reality.

18. Extremely successful people live in the present moment – Successful people live in the Now. They know that it is in the present moment that they can do what they do. For them the past is gone and the future is uncertain, but they constantly strive to make the best of their present moment. This is becausethey have realised that time is of great essence and that their ability can only serve in the now.

19. They are usually relaxed and keep their perspective – successful people have learnt to choose emotions that support the goal that they pursue. They are courageous and confident in the tasks ahead and pursue it with vital vigour. In any given environment, they are able to see what others cannot see. They have trained their senses to see opportunities in uncommon places.

20.Successful People have an inquisitive nature – always asking questions Asking positive question that support effective mental attitude and disposition is very productive. Successful people have mastered the ability to ask question that help to challenge their limiting belief. This helps them to fight against obstacle on their way to reaching their dreams from negative thinking, negative feeling and obstacles on their physical environment.

21.Successful People have master mind groups – successful people have master mind groups where they learn from each other. It is a case of iron sharpening iron and a man been sharpened by the countenance of his friends. They share the special knowledge of the belief, values, strategies and tactics that led to their success to those in their groups that would want to learn. This idea is seen in the activities in the networking sites in the internet – like the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, E-academy to mention but few where people have forums of people they follow.

22.Successful People respect the value of the contribution they make – First and foremost successful believe that that the ideas thst they bring to the marketplace are valuable. They set process in place to bring these ideas in form of products, services, and websites to the audience that they serve. The have the ability to sell these ideas and to profit from them.

23.Successful People are masters of empathy, rather than sympathy – Successful people are not selfish. They are able to empathise with other peoples needs and take action in positive ways as to meet such needs. They have the emotional intelligence to think in terms of the other person and are passionate about helping them actualise their dreams.

24.Successful people practice the fundamentals and master the mundane - Successful people understand that the big tasks are small tasks put together. And that some of the basic fundamentals to great achievements are: be prepared, be present and be on time. Therefore the saying by Robin Sharma that: “ability to perform the basics paves the way to develop and perform at a higher level of mastery”; is correct. Remember that success is a journey and along the way, many tasks will be exciting or mundane but a successful person never ponders, they are steadfast in all of it through and through. The art of doing the mundane separates success from failure. In any area of life how successful you become could be in your willingness to roll up your sleeves and help with anything. The idea here is that success is built moment by moment. In an article written on The Foundation of Foundation of Success – the mundane, ( ) Dennis R Buckley said that:

“If you take the time to study the truly successful people in the world you will find that each one of them toiled in obscurity for years and then became an overnight success. You see while they were unknown they were working on themselves in the mundane, forming the foundation of their success through study, learning, implementing, failing, fixing, sacrifice, and trying and trying again until it worked”

25.Successful people do what unsuccessful people areNOT willing to do

Successful people generally do what successful people are not willing to do. They are able to see opportunities in uncertain places and transform the opportunities to ideas, services, products or merchandise to meet peoples’ needs. And as a result, they contribute their skills, talents, knowledge and resources to make their dream come true. This idea is fundamental to most great act of success in diverse fields.

26. Successful people are flexible and tolerable

Successful people have realised through their experience and way of thinking that the map is not the territory. Therefore they are always ready to make a detour in their original plan, strategy and tacticstowards the realisation oftheir dream. They know that the plan is not written in stone but can be revised as the need arises.

27. Efficient time management - Successful people are productive with time. The end up creating intangible to tangible evidence of their use of time which can in turn be translated into great value. They realise that time is now and use their abilities and capacity in the present to intelligently leverage time to their advantage.


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    • howtobeasuccess profile image

      How to be a Success 

      7 years ago from The Land of Hope

      Very useful hubs.. thanks for sharing..success comes to those who have visions..


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