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Drama Review: "Tokyo Juliet"

Updated on August 11, 2016


Tokyo Juliet stars Ariel Lin and Wu Chun together in a romantic drama about love and fashion! This drama is based on the manga by Miyuki Kitagawa. I watched this before I read the manga, and I was surprised at how much shorter the manga was. The drama really expanded on it and even became boring and repetitive at some points.

I really like and respect the Wu Chun and Ariel Lin as actors. They have great on-screen chemistry and they expressed amazing range of emotions. I do have to say I've seen them both in better dramas but I wasn't at all disappointed in their abilities to capture the characters. Wu Chun is very handsome but I thought he looked better in Hana Kimi.

I personally enjoyed the overall plot and acting of this drama. Aside from some additions, this drama is very true to the manga. The romantic plot between the two main characters is very touching and strays from the overused drama plot which keeps the hero and heroine apart. This drama focuses on a couple staying together through thick and thin, which really sets it apart from other romantic dramas. Another major theme was personal hardship and fulfilling dreams. It's still worth watching, but I think it should have been shorter. Jealousy was a major aspect of the main character's relationship but it was taken too far, it was unbelievable that there were so many admirers scheming to break up the couple.

Many of Tokyo Juliet's episodes are totally filler. You could easily just watch every other episode and follow the story without missing anything. The episode recaps, previews, and all the flashbacks make up for any missed episodes. If I were to re-watch this drama I would have skipped at least 5 episodes. Overall, I do suggest watching this drama but I recommend the manga so much more. If you have a day to kill, do both and skip around the drama a little bit.

Thanks for reading! Wo Ai Ni!


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