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Terra Nova; Instinct

Updated on April 27, 2013

Terra Nova



On Monday October 3, 2011 Terra Nova airs episode Instinct. In this episode the hunters and gathers go out to hunt and they end uo being hunted by a new dinosaur called a Terra sauras. The terrasuarus knows no boundaries as they can fly into the compound and are quite aggressive. These bird/dinosaurs are migratory so for the residents of Terra Nova it is their first time having to encounter them. How successful they are at fending off what wants them for dinner is another matter all together.

Terra Nova


Pterosaurs are attacking the residents of Terra Nova both inside and outside of the compound. Dr. Elizabeth Shanon was recruited by Dr. Malcolm Wallace with whom she had a romantic past. Jim is uncomfortable with Malcolm and wants to reunites with his wife.

Pterosaurs are just migrating to Terra Nova to breed. So Jim has to capture a male and female so Malcolm can figure out how to the million plus pterosaurs who on are their way to Terra Nova to breed.

They use pheromones to re-establish a new breeding ground for the pterosaurs.

It was pretty good this week but I had a flash back to The Birds by Hitchcock. But the show is well written and well acted it just needs original plots which I guess is very difficult given the times we live in


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