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Terra Nova: The Runaway

Updated on April 21, 2013

Terra Nova: The Runaway


Terra Nova: The Runaway

A Runaway named Leaha who was a former sixer ends up in Terra Nova, was trying to cross the portal to go 85 million years in the future to stay with a relative who will care for her since her parents are dead. Taylor is convinced Leaha can provide them with the intelligence he needs to get the sixers and he is also convinced there is a mole in Terra Nova.

Amazingly, people are given a second chance being sent back 85 million years in the past and they are still so uncivilized.

Leaha steals something that belonged to Myra and then Leaha reveals that Myra has her brother Sam.

Mad dog Jim goes out to save Leah’s brother Sam and ends up almost getting eaten. The Sixers save him with weapons from Terra Nova. Myra claims Taylor has angered people from the future and his death has been ordered but Jim doesn’t believe her. What he fails to realize he is on an Ark much like Noah’s but with strings attached for everyone.

Terra Nova: The Runaway Trailer


I watch this show with my pre teen son so I am always concerned about the violence We really enjoy the family themed show but the violence is a bit much for us. The sets are fantastic, the actors are really wonderful and are giving fabulous performances and the plot is evolving very nicely. I just question the need for gratuitous violence. Other then that I think this is a terrific show. I think Terra Nova would be better without the violence as it detracts from all the wonderful attributes of this show.


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