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The Best Life Quotes-Top twenty Funny Movie Quotes

Updated on June 24, 2012

The Movies

Everyone in the Movie business from the best director to the worst actor wants to win an Oscar, and of course not all of them will win an Oscar. But if there was an Oscar for funny movie quotes , these would make some great nominations!

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Funny Movie Quotes

Movie directors are people too short to become actors. Josh Greenfield.

Any film, even the worst is better than real life. Quentin Crisp.

What did I think of Titanic, I'd rather have been on it. Miles Kruger.

What do I look for in a good script? Days off. Robert Mitchum.

The only problem I have with film festivals are the films. Duane Byrge.

If my film makes one more person miserable. I've done my job. Woody Allen.

When the script is finished , we add the dialogue. Alfred Hitchcock.

The only really good thing about acting in the movies is that there is no heavy lifting. Cary Grant.

This film cost about $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country.  Clint Eastwood.

Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your Oxen tuned into boullion cubes.John Le Carre.

Thanks to the movies gunfire has always seemed unreal to me, even when being fired at. Peter Ustinov.

Why should people pay good money to see bad films when they can stay at home and watch bad television for nothing. Samuel Goldwyn.

The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder. Alfred Hitchcock.

Night watchmen in horror movies have a life expectancy of twelve seconds. Sam Wass.

I never go to the movies where the hero's bust is bigger than the heroines. Groucho Marx.

They say movies should be more like life,I say life should be more like movies. Myrna Loy.

The movies were custard compared to politics. Nancy Regan.

Most Horror films are certainly that.  Brendan Francis.

Tell me, how did you love my picture? Samuel Goldwyn.

Popcorn is the last area of the movie business where good taste is still a concern. Mike Barfield.


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    • lindatymensky profile image

      lindatymensky 7 years ago

      This was really entertaining. Thanks.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 7 years ago from Virginia

      I agree with Myrna Loy, life should be more like movies...great hub...