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The Best Things To Do For Your Singing Voice

Updated on May 30, 2013

The voice is a very powerful but delicate muscle. Singers should learn as much as they can for their voice so they can take care of it and protect in an effort to use it the way they wish for the rest of their lives. Here are the lessons I've been taught and learned through experience.

1. Use It Or Lose It

You voice is just like the muscles in your abdominal, if you don't work it, you will lose it. Of course your abs are always there, its just that when you don't exercise your core, you leave room for it to not show. The same is true for your voice. If you are not consistently using your voice, you won't be able to hear it the way you used to. This is like a worse nightmare for any singer, rapper, or speaker. Your voice is your baby so use it before you can't anymore and have problems with your vocals.

Of course there are things to keep in mind when you are using it like being careful not to overuse it and of course...

2. Use Your Voice Correctly

If you feel any type of strain in your voice you really need to stop immediately. this is not a part of strength training and will do the exact opposite and ruin your voice. Everyone's sound is at least slightly different so make sure you are not straining your voice in order to sound like someone else, you will do more harm than good that way. Find a vocal coach to get you on the right path or to remind you every so often of any mistakes or missuses you are having.

If you find yourself still having trouble's with your voice, this would be a good time to see a medical specialist or ENT. There are many benefits to seeing an ENT and the top one is probably that they can help you figure out if any problems with your voice are physical so you can manage or fix it immediately and get back to your music.

3. Take Care of The Rest Of Your Body

I don't know if the importance of taking care of your body can be stressed enough. The same way you cannot do exercises for just one body part and expect to see drastic changes is the same way you cannot expect to eat anything, drink anything, not exercise and think you are going to have a phenomenal performance knocking them dead every time. It's not happening! If you want to perform at your optimum, you have to also have your body at it's optimum as well.

I am not saying you have to be a gym junkie but you definitely need to get your bones moving and exercise on a regular basis. You will feel the difference! You will have more energy and it will help you with your breathing while singing.

4. Hydrate

Water is your voices best friend, especially when it is drank at room temperature. Like some other hydrating foods, keeping water handy will make the difference in you feeling stiff and not able to reach the full range of your voice or not. You should also try water with a lemon to break up any mucus or other blockage you may feel in your throat and vocal chords while singing.

Listen to your body and pay attention to the way your voice and vocal chords feel as a first defense to anything that could possibly go wrong with your voice. Although there are some things that you just cannot or should not go without doing, there are so many remedies that people have and share but not all of it will work for everyone. Learn more singing tips as you go and pay attention to what is and is not working for you.


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