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The Best Thrillers to Watch on a Rainy Day

Updated on December 2, 2012

Are you sick or rained in? Are you in the mood for a great thriller to keep you thinking? Below is a list of the best thrillers I have seen with trailers included, so you can preview what you are about to watch right here.

There are many elements to a great thriller. It needs to have an initial problem, a suspenseful tone, and an epic ending. These films will keep you guessing the whole way through and satisfy you in the end.

I have included a rating system that indicates the movie rating, my age limit suggestions, and quality of script, editing, acting and story. I hope you enjoy watching and reading about some of my favorite thrillers.

If you have any favorites you would like to add, leave them in the comments section.



The Butterfly Effect Trailer

Buy The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

This film is not for the faint of heart. Ashton Kutcher stars in this film about an adolescent boy that cannot remember certain events in his life. His brain blacks out these events and he is subject to only seeing the effects and never the cause. As he reads his old journals, he begins to return to those memories, which makes him wonder how he can change the future.

This movie is great because it plays on the idea of the chaos theory. This theory explains that the tiny flap of a butterfly's wing can cause a hurricane on the opposite side of the world as long as it's timed right. I love the science fiction elements to this film, but labeled it as a thriller because it truly keeps you guessing and full of suspense.

I hope you enjoy this movie, but if you are not keen to watching disturbing narratives, I suggest that you do not watch as some scenes are definitely hard to bare.

Super 8 Trailer

Buy Super 8

Super 8

I was pleasantly surprised by this film when I saw it in the theaters. I initially thought that this film would be aimed at children and would have horrible computer graphics, however, this Spielberg film is perfect for all ages that enjoy a good thriller.

The film is about a group of children that love to make films. This film is set in the 1970s, when the children go to an abandoned train stop and film the next scene of their movie. All of a sudden, a train begins to zoom past them and crashes. The kids catch some of the footage which seems to hold a giant government secret, but they hesitate to tell their parents due to the fact that they all snuck out.

This film is great for everyone in your family as it is an active, suspenseful thriller with a great plot and ending. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Number 23 Trailer

Buy The Number 23

The Number 23

Warning: This movie may cause you to go crazy obsessing over the number 23 for a couple of days. When I first saw this film starring the versatile Jim Carrey, I was excited and enticed by the idea of numerology. This film is one that will make you pause and rewind multiple times.

The Number 23 is about a man that becomes obsessed with 23 and begins to see it everywhere he looks after reading a book. He finds that the number and the book are directly tied to him and goes searching for more information.

I love this film because it shows the different roles that Carrey can play and because of its obsessive qualities. Let me know what you think at the bottom of the page.

Taking Lives

This film that stars Angelina Jolie is about an FBI agent that is assigned to find a killer that has been taking the identities of the people he murders. I have watched this film many times and because the end is so good and unexpected, I would watch it again.

The film is great because of the never-ending plot twists and strange persona of the main character. She is an FBI profiler that obsesses over her assignments. Her entire apartment is covered in crime scene photos so that she can get into the mind of the killer. I really enjoyed this thriller for the suspense and the surprises throughout the film.

Ethan Hawke and Kiefer Sutherland are also stars in the film and they are just as interesting as Jolie. If you haven't seen this film already, I suggest that you pick up a copy because it is one of the best thrillers for a rainy day. I hope you enjoy it.

Shutter Island Trailer

Buy Shutter Island

Shutter Island

I heard that this film was not received very well, but I find it to be a great film with a lot of twists and turns that make you want to watch it over again. The film is about a marshall played by Leonardo DiCaprio that goes to an island to search for a missing murderer. It is set in 1954 at an insane asylum that is secluded on an island.

If you haven't seen this film and love the movies that make you say, "I would've never saw that coming," this is the thriller for you. It combines psychological thriller with an intricate mystery that makes its viewers guessing up until the final scene.

It's definitely a movie you will want to watch again. I hope you enjoy your stay on Shutter Island as much as I did.

Memento Trailer

Buy Memento

Classic: Memento

If you haven't seen this classic, stop reading right now and turn it on because it is one of the most thought-provoking thrillers there is. Christopher Nolan directed this film that is told backward. The main character wakes up every morning having lost his memory and has to piece back together his past with the notes he has left himself.

Many people love this film because of its complexity and overall mysterious tone. The main character attempts to find the man who killed his wife, but losing his memory makes this difficult. The acting in this film is absolutely amazing. Guy Pearce stars as the confused, tough guy adorned with tattooed clues.

I hope you enjoy this film if you haven't seen it already or have a great time watching it again.


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