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The Blues Brothers

Updated on November 6, 2013

three and a half stars

Me oh my, what a ridiculously hilarious comedy. This is a deliberately passed comedy much like The In-Laws and A Fish Called Wanda ; however, it does have a few absurd moments much earlier on. Unfortunately, the film kind of lags no and again in the earlier parts unlike the previous two. The problem may be that The Blues Brothers is trying to be a comedy from the start, yet also pace its comedy. The In-Laws and A Fish Called Wanda are stories first, the comedy comes later. Thus, they are able to pace the absurdity. However, the lagging is not too much of a problem, and personally I think the car chases can carry the whole movie. Even if the rest of the movie was atrocious I would consider giving the film two and a half may be even three stars on the absurd high speed pursuits alone.

The car chases are excellent commentaries on ridiculous action sequences in actual action movies. Several superhero films come to mind. Buddy cop films like Bad Boys II also comes to mind. Any movie where there is a chase with massive million dollar destruction is the butt of The Blues Brothers ' joke. In those chase sequences the blues brothers drive through a mall while being chased by cops and purposely crash into stores. Later int he film basically a million police officers along with some country western singers and Nazis are sent to capture the blues brothers. Car after car topples offer embankments like lemmings. Car after car crashes into one another forming a fifty car pile-up, yet the cars keep coming, un-phased by the mountain of twisted metal. The army arrives, SWAT teams arrive, the fire department arrives, all of them cramming to fit through one door way. Hundreds of snipers line the buildings around a courtyard. SWAT members repel down buildings. All of this to stop two unarmed blues singers who fled arrest for driving with a suspended license, exceeded the speed limit in doing so, all for the sake of paying taxes on some church building. Comedy gold. The only thing that comes close to this commentary on absurd action is Hot Fuzz.

The other great element of this story is that the blues brothers are punished for their crimes, unlike the stealing in The In-Laws and A Fish Called Wanda . Unfortunately, the government is not punished for its ignorance, recklessness, and excessive force.


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